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September 23 2015

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox at our house was quiet.  The Girls helped me create an altar. The picture doesn’t show all the leaves, grasses, extra fruit and veggies that were added as the day went by.

The Girls and I went for a short drive to the otherside of our “neighborhood” to pick up any mail and marveled at the beauty around us.

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Then we took Mr. Odin for a short, breezy and cold walk before lunch. He sniffed the spots that the Coyotes left their scent and ate some of the last green grasses.

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The girls spent the afternoon doing some Mabon printouts that I found on  the Little Pagan website (I love her site!), while I put together a thick healthy Chili and homemade squishy buns for supper.

The day ended with lighting candles and sending Dada Bill off to work the nightshift at the sawmill down the road.

I felt blessed to be able to share some of my spirituality with my daughters. I can’t wait to go deeper into the Samhain/Hallowe’en celebrations.


Fall is coming…

bb#16 544Fall is only just starting in the southern place of BC. Up here in the Lakes District of BC it has been fall for the most part of 2weeks already.

I spent this morning cleaning out my small greenhouse and emptying all my containers for their little dead plants. With a number of nights in the minus temperatures I’m surprised that most of my pansies, petunias and lobelia are still green. The pansies are still blooming to my complete amazement. The days are getting no higher than +11·c and mostly sunny.

Flossy and the chickens are all enjoying the leftover greens from the garden containers and some from my mom-in-love’s garden. Don’t worry the rabbits are getting a bit of greens too.

I have been busy getting everything organized with the new school and figuring out how this school works. Their teaching philosophy is totally different than the school we were with prior. With this school I can freely teach the girls about Paganism, Buddhism or any spiritual path they are interested in. :D. This makes my heart sing.

I hope to celebrate Autumnal equinox with a bonfire and a small ritual with my girls. I haven’t practiced many rituals since having my daughters. Too many things held me back…but this year we have no landlord to say no fires or any such nonsense.  I have nothing holding me back this year. 🙂

The Effects of -5c

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Sitka Mountain Ash

A few days ago it hit -5c here…….Yep BRRRRRR! It is only September for crying out loud.

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-5c has some wonderful effects on all the foliage on the property. I can appreciate the beauty that Mother Nature and her magic box of colours are able to provide. The bright yellows, glowing oranges, and intence reds (which I am not able to capture with my Black Berry phone or my old Sony camera.), but I do wish she would wait until October to introduce her masterpieces to us.

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bb#16 561

African Daisy

bb#16 562

California Poppy

bb#16 563


Jack Frost did an amazing job decorating all my flowers and shrubs with his hoar frost crystals and sparkles galore. But the bastard killed my grape vine, dahlias and zinnas!

Tonight, September 14th ; 10:30pm it is already down to +2c. I am afraid to know what the termometer will read tomorrow morning at 6:30am when I go out to milk Flossy. I will take my phone and we what beauty catches my eye.

<3 Our Furry Family Familiars <3

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Gaia – Book loving cat.

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Ember – My shoulder kitty.

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A few of my Chick-A-Ladies…I have 55 chickens(5Roos…Pretty Boy is head Roo, Buddy is second in command, others are still juvenile and will be going to freezer camp one day). I think that ‘ll be a post on its own one day.

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Flossy – Bossy Glossy Flossy – the milk cow (Jersey/Herford cross)

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Granite – aka: Funny Bunny…Miss Seren’s boy.

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Sunflower – aka: Psycho…Milena’s girl(she’s not the friendliest bunny)

Picture 010

Mister Odin – Mr. Bill’s Buddy…He has been with us the longest. He is 9 in May.

There you have it. You have met the menagerie of Furry Familiars in Our lives. They are all important in their own ways.  Everyone is dear to us, even the lowly freezer camp enrolled Roos.

❤ Drisana



After 4 years of dating and living together…

We decided that on September 2, 2007 at 11:30am in the Penticton Rose Garden, we would exchange our promise to forever love each other.

We did a combnation Pagan Handfasting and Christian Unity candle ceremony. With some friends and family attending.

My daughter, Seren(5), was our flower girl. Our youngest daughter was 7 months in womb at the time of the wedding. It was a lovely day.

I am a very fortunate to have found such a wonderful man and father to my daughters. He takes care of his Ladies very well.

Here is to many more years of love, laughter, hardwork and a few adventures along the way. ❤


Beauty in of sound and sight

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“GIRLS!!!! BILL!!!” I screamed pointing sky word as thousands, and that is no exaggeration, of SandHill Cranes swooped and dance in the sky above me.

Oh the amazing site of  beauty! Watching them swoop and fly back to help a crane who was lagging behind. Singing the purring songs to each other. Songs  and the odd cry that helped each other press on and make sure each knew the way to go.

I didn’t know we were on their migration path. They stay on a hay field just up the hill. There is a marshy area on the hay field were the SandHill Cranes take a break for the night and feed before continue on their journey farther north.

For a week they flew over in flocks of hundreds, calling and singing, swooping and dancing. Making sure everyone stays together and makes it to their future destination. An awe inspiring and powerful week for me.

Cranes in some cultures mean Wisdom, Joy and Peace. They counsel you that it is time to celebrate the wonders of everyday life.

The Big move…

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This is me, Drisana, 5 minutes after we pulled into our driveway. (I am horrible at taking selfies…lol)

Friday, February 13th 2015 we took possession of 4.5acres of property. This is the first piece of property we, as a married couple, have ever owned. 🙂 The house and property are in need of a lot of TLC to say the least. The property has not been lived on for 5 or 6years.  I will post our TLC progress in future posts.

We have lived here now for 4 months and much has been accomplished.

Back to this photo… We drove 13 hours north and north-west from Oliver,BC to Burns Lake, BC. Actually 20 minutes to an area/community called Palling. We drove from 10*c+ temperatures and full on Okanagan Spring weather to +2*c temperatures and snow. Talk about climate shock to my system. I was very excited to finally get “home”!

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