Beauty in of sound and sight

bb#14 425

bb#14 430

“GIRLS!!!! BILL!!!” I screamed pointing sky word as thousands, and that is no exaggeration, of SandHill Cranes swooped and dance in the sky above me.

Oh the amazing site of  beauty! Watching them swoop and fly back to help a crane who was lagging behind. Singing the purring songs to each other. Songs  and the odd cry that helped each other press on and make sure each knew the way to go.

I didn’t know we were on their migration path. They stay on a hay field just up the hill. There is a marshy area on the hay field were the SandHill Cranes take a break for the night and feed before continue on their journey farther north.

For a week they flew over in flocks of hundreds, calling and singing, swooping and dancing. Making sure everyone stays together and makes it to their future destination. An awe inspiring and powerful week for me.

Cranes in some cultures mean Wisdom, Joy and Peace. They counsel you that it is time to celebrate the wonders of everyday life.


One response to “Beauty in of sound and sight

  1. beautiful… ❤


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