The Big move…

bb#14 271

This is me, Drisana, 5 minutes after we pulled into our driveway. (I am horrible at taking selfies…lol)

Friday, February 13th 2015 we took possession of 4.5acres of property. This is the first piece of property we, as a married couple, have ever owned. 🙂 The house and property are in need of a lot of TLC to say the least. The property has not been lived on for 5 or 6years.  I will post our TLC progress in future posts.

We have lived here now for 4 months and much has been accomplished.

Back to this photo… We drove 13 hours north and north-west from Oliver,BC to Burns Lake, BC. Actually 20 minutes to an area/community called Palling. We drove from 10*c+ temperatures and full on Okanagan Spring weather to +2*c temperatures and snow. Talk about climate shock to my system. I was very excited to finally get “home”!

bb#14 268


2 responses to “The Big move…

  1. such exciting times ahead – i can feel it.<3
    ps your selfies are beautiful!


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