<3 Our Furry Family Familiars <3

bb#14 196

Gaia – Book loving cat.

bb#12 292

Ember – My shoulder kitty.

bb#15 285

A few of my Chick-A-Ladies…I have 55 chickens(5Roos…Pretty Boy is head Roo, Buddy is second in command, others are still juvenile and will be going to freezer camp one day). I think that ‘ll be a post on its own one day.

bb#15 380

Flossy – Bossy Glossy Flossy – the milk cow (Jersey/Herford cross)

bb#15 398

Granite – aka: Funny Bunny…Miss Seren’s boy.

bb#15 414

Sunflower – aka: Psycho…Milena’s girl(she’s not the friendliest bunny)

Picture 010

Mister Odin – Mr. Bill’s Buddy…He has been with us the longest. He is 9 in May.

There you have it. You have met the menagerie of Furry Familiars in Our lives. They are all important in their own ways.  Everyone is dear to us, even the lowly freezer camp enrolled Roos.

❤ Drisana


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