The Effects of -5c

bb#16 544

Sitka Mountain Ash

A few days ago it hit -5c here…….Yep BRRRRRR! It is only September for crying out loud.

bb#16 546 bb#16 545

-5c has some wonderful effects on all the foliage on the property. I can appreciate the beauty that Mother Nature and her magic box of colours are able to provide. The bright yellows, glowing oranges, and intence reds (which I am not able to capture with my Black Berry phone or my old Sony camera.), but I do wish she would wait until October to introduce her masterpieces to us.

bb#16 564


bb#16 561

African Daisy

bb#16 562

California Poppy

bb#16 563


Jack Frost did an amazing job decorating all my flowers and shrubs with his hoar frost crystals and sparkles galore. But the bastard killed my grape vine, dahlias and zinnas!

Tonight, September 14th ; 10:30pm it is already down to +2c. I am afraid to know what the termometer will read tomorrow morning at 6:30am when I go out to milk Flossy. I will take my phone and we what beauty catches my eye.


One response to “The Effects of -5c

  1. goodness that is cold! but beautiful all the same xx


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