Fall is coming…

bb#16 544Fall is only just starting in the southern place of BC. Up here in the Lakes District of BC it has been fall for the most part of 2weeks already.

I spent this morning cleaning out my small greenhouse and emptying all my containers for their little dead plants. With a number of nights in the minus temperatures I’m surprised that most of my pansies, petunias and lobelia are still green. The pansies are still blooming to my complete amazement. The days are getting no higher than +11·c and mostly sunny.

Flossy and the chickens are all enjoying the leftover greens from the garden containers and some from my mom-in-love’s garden. Don’t worry the rabbits are getting a bit of greens too.

I have been busy getting everything organized with the new school and figuring out how this school works. Their teaching philosophy is totally different than the school we were with prior. With this school I can freely teach the girls about Paganism, Buddhism or any spiritual path they are interested in. :D. This makes my heart sing.

I hope to celebrate Autumnal equinox with a bonfire and a small ritual with my girls. I haven’t practiced many rituals since having my daughters. Too many things held me back…but this year we have no landlord to say no fires or any such nonsense.  I have nothing holding me back this year. 🙂


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