bb#17 077

September 23 2015

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox at our house was quiet.  The Girls helped me create an altar. The picture doesn’t show all the leaves, grasses, extra fruit and veggies that were added as the day went by.

The Girls and I went for a short drive to the otherside of our “neighborhood” to pick up any mail and marveled at the beauty around us.

bb#17 081 bb#17 079

bb#17 080

Then we took Mr. Odin for a short, breezy and cold walk before lunch. He sniffed the spots that the Coyotes left their scent and ate some of the last green grasses.

bb#17 084

The girls spent the afternoon doing some Mabon printouts that I found on  the Little Pagan website (I love her site!), while I put together a thick healthy Chili and homemade squishy buns for supper.

The day ended with lighting candles and sending Dada Bill off to work the nightshift at the sawmill down the road.

I felt blessed to be able to share some of my spirituality with my daughters. I can’t wait to go deeper into the Samhain/Hallowe’en celebrations.


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