Winter Warmth

We have 2 more loads of firewood to get and should be good to go for our first winter here in Northern BC. We get our wood from the logging blocks in the nearby forest. The trees are all bug-kill wood. The Pine Beetle has ravaged alot of the forest here. So, I dont feel bad for cutting down these trees. bb#16 436

We have a large wood furnace in our basement that requires electricity to blow the warmth up through the vents. If our electricity fails, we have back up from our little Jotul heater. We get logs the size of our truck bed and then measure and cut them to the size of both heaters (16inches for the furnace and 12 inches for the Jotul) once we are home. Then its hours of splitting and stacking our bounty. I actually quite enjoy firewooding. You can get a good set of pipes, as my friend says, from all the work to warm your home.  It is very satisfying to sit in front of a fire or know the warmth coming from the furnace below is all due to your hard work.

bb#16 036

I am always in awe of the beauty our Mother has made. I love the mysterious ways she works. The vistas and views from some spots are absolutely stunning even when most of the canvas is covered in devastation from a teeny tiny little beetle.  I love seeing the changes of the trees each weekend we go out. The tiny little changes in the leaves, grasses and even animals.

We have seen wolf tracks, moose scat, coyote scat, bear fur hung up in the tree bark….the twitter of certain birds at different times. All so amazing and beautiful.

I always say a prayer of thanks to Mother Earth for providing us with a bounty of wood to keep my little family warm and taken care of during the long winters.  I also pray that she takes care not to harm us. My largest fear when falling trees is that my hubby will be hurt. Thankfully he does know what he’s doing. But I know accidents can happen…

So I say my prayer and we go on.

bb#17 037


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