Owl 1…Hen 0….

Well the owl is back or it’s a new one….dang it!

I am not sure who I lost tonight. I only found a wing and the owl sitting up in a poplar tree.

I threw my shovel at the owl to try scaring it off. Haha! Yep worked well….not. I swear I could see it roll it’s big eyes at me. So, being stubborn I resorted to throwing old back bones, that have been unearthed by the chickens, at it until Bill finally got his paint ball gun out. He shot at it twice before it flew over to the property. From there the owl laughed at me….”who who who!”(I don’t want to kill the beautiful bird. It’s only doing what it is supposed to do…)


The life of a homesteader…sigh. I have lost 4 hens to the stupid owl since we moved here. 😦 Looks like the chick – a – ladies will have to be cooped up before 5pm. That sucks! They need as much natural sunlight as they can get right now. I don’t want to supplement with artificial light.

As far as Bill and I can tell the owl is a Great Grey Owl. It feeds on small mammals and birds. It has the wing span of 5ft. It is a big bird.

It has been a few hours since we scared it off….but as I sit here tying it is in the trees next to the house opposite the coop, who whoooooing away. Sassy brat!


2 responses to “Owl 1…Hen 0….

  1. OH NO!!!! we dont have problems with Owl but there are egrets and eagles and hawks and all sorts of other birds of prey. I cant let me girls out either. We are just fortunate that our coop is pretty much open plan with natural light and enough shade. so sorry for your loss hun xx


    • We get Eagles, hawks, falcons and others too. Seems the owls are ones we have to watch most. It sucks to lose hens…I have 3 Roosters,I’d rather it. Had taken one of those. *shrug* oh well, what is done is done. I guess I’ll have to be more vigilant about making sure the chickens-a-ladies are put away earlier. 🙂

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