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Homeschooling has been so trying lately.

Here in British Columbia my daughters are technically considered DL(Distance Learners). My daughters are enrolled with a school and recieve a litte funding that helps purchase cirriculum and materials/resources that are required to complete the cirriculum. Homeschoolers are students registered in a school but don’t follow a cirriculum and don’t recieve the little funding given to DL schoolers. Homeschoolers are not required to follow the BC Ministry of Education standards, where as DL’s are. That’s why we get funding. Anyways….

After 4 years of being enrolled with a Christian school(only choice that fit our lifestyle when we lived off-grid and didnt have constant internet access) I finally had enough of trying to include the required Bible study and the feeling of being stiffled. So,  I withdrew the girls and enrolled them with Selfdesign. Best decision Bill and I have made in regards to the girls schooling lately. I even got the go ahead to change schools from Seren’s Dad. 🙂

The transition from a very formal/traditonal school mindset to one that is open-minded and encourages child-led/interest learning has been rough. I want to head to child-led and interest learning…I have to stop everything we are doing and restart. I have to come at my teaching from a totally different angle. I am excited yet the phycho worrier in me is screaming.


I know I won’t…this is the way kids learn best:

  • through play
  • exploring their world
  • at their own pace
  • real life experiences
  • learning at their pace
  • no pressure to be perfect

The way things are run and what is expected of me differ greatly between schools. I have way more reporting with the new school and how they do other admin stuff is a little more complicated. The amount of time I am behind the screen irks me. I hate constantly being online. EVERYTHING is online with this school. UGH!! The biggest benefit is the wonderful support I get from our LC(Learning Consultant). She answers all my stupid questions. She is genuinely interested in hearing from the girls and what they have to say about what they want to learn and are learning.

Dont get me wrong, the support teacher we had for 4years at the other school was great and we are still in contact. You can’t, not become friends over that long of a period of time.

The year will fly by it always does. The first two or three months are always the most trying. Add in a school change and it can be even more frustrating. 🙂 I can do it!! I have done it for 4 Years…I’m definitely not going to give up yet. I have 5years to go with Seren and 9years to go with Milena. We will make the rest of these years awesome as possible.



2 responses to “Transitions

  1. you will do an awesome job – as you always do!
    it takes a little time to become get into a new routine and you will be awesome at that too!
    well done to you for doing whats best for your family – you should be proud of yourself xxxx

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