Unfortunately I didn’t think to take photos of the first few steps of my cheese making process.

I milk Miss Moo…the most important step of this Yummy process. 😉

First off I strain the milk to rid it of any particles of hay or dirt…

I need 2.5gallons or 10L of milk. The recipe says to skim most of the cream off. Nah, I leave it in. In a large stock pot, the milk is brought to 48.9*c over medium heat. Do not go over that temperature or it with not work out!! Believe me 😦 I have ruined a couple batches before I caught on. Duh on my part.

Once it reaches the proper temperature I turn off the heat and add 2.5cups of vinegar add stir until the curds form and the whey is clear. Then let sit covered for an hour. Then drain the curds through a few layers of cheese cloth and hang to drain very well.

Once drained and to my moisture liking I add 3tsp of baking soda and salt…

bb#18 099

Curds. Salt and Baking soda added.

bb#18 100

Getting ready to melt the curds down using a double boiler. *note to self find a bigger double boiler!* I add a 1/2 cup cream and 2tbsps butter and melt it down over medium heat. Then add curds slowly mixing well.

bb#18 101

Slowly melting down…It takes a lot of patience and stirring(you can melt it using a microwave, but I dont have one and dont like them.)

bb#18 102

More stirring…Yay!! The curds are all stringy and gooey 🙂

bb#18 103

I then pour the mass of gooey melted cheese curds into a glass loaf pan. Yes that is a bread bag. I find buttering the pan does work for me when I go to remove the block of cheese. The bag works because it forms to the pan well and I just have to tug on the bag to release it. I dont sell the cheese…only for my families consumption.

bb#18 104

TADA!! A block of mozzerella type cheese. Yum! From raw milk for my cow, milked by my hand. Processed into cheese to feed my family and myself.

Next on my “To Try” list is hard cheese and cream cheese. First to save up…Yule/Christmas is just around the corner…hint hint hubby…


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