<3 Sunrises in Northern BC

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I am in awe almost every morning at 7am, when I go out to milk Flossy (Miss Moo) and the sun slowly peeks over the mountains. The colours in these photos do nothing to portray the absolute brilliance of their true reality. Alas my black berry phone camera is all I have on me at this time of day.

The colours are so breathtaking and different. Some sunrises look as though they have set the sky on fire and are licking the clouds with the suns rays. Some start out as dull gray and slowly fringe the clouds with the pales pinks and then it intensifies to a bright neon pink. Purples that look black at first only to lighten to the palest lavendar. Oh when the sky is such a brilliant blue the colours take on a whole different feel and become so surreal….So much beauty….

I sometimes wish our property was the one up on the hill instead in such a low spot. I am so grateful to get to see the sunrises that I do see. For I am blessed to see through these failing eyes. I suck in every sunrise I can and dont take for granted the beauty Mother Nature has given me to witness.

bb#18 140 bb#18 143

(all photos taken with my blackberry)


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