What’s the White Stuff?


There it is…the fluffy white stuff was floating down to earth from the grey socked in sky. The weather man/woman was wrong!!! It said rain or showers for the day. This is not wet water… This is SNOW!

bb#19 198

Miss Flossy mooed softly at me when I let her out into the pasture after milking. I threw a pitchfork full of hay in her eating spot and gently told her that this white stuff wasnt supposed to be here yet. She sniffed her hay and looked around her, then at me. A soft moo escaped through her nose which I swear meant “Hay? Who stole all the green grass that was here?” I  laughed and responded with a pat on her forehead,” Sorry Miss Moo. Looks like you’ll have to dig for it.”

I fed and watered the Chick-a-Ladies, Pretty Boy and the 8 week old Littles. Checked on Sunflower and Granite(Seren and Milena’s Bunnies) and made sure the oys(Young Roos) had what they needed and then headed inside. I said good night to Bill and sat down to drink my coffee, when…

bb#19 197

Missy(Milena) decided she wanted to go outside. She has been waiting for snow since it melted in May! Yes, she is a crazy child. lol! So, I got her all dressed and sent her on her way. Not a minute later she popped her head back and yelled for Seren to come help her make a snowman. You know teenagers*eyeroll*, she didnt want to. *sigh* Which made Missy sad…what was I to do? I left my coffee to get cold and helped Missy build the first snowman of the year. She wanted me to help her make it wave to the people that drove by. I found a missed piece of Caragana pruning and we made a waving happy snowman. Rocks from my Ever-evolving rock garden for eyes, nose and buttons. She said I had to take a photo and show my friends on FB and here.  🙂

We headed back inside to attack schoolwork and get me a fresh coffee.  School consisted of a lot of me telling Missy to focus on her work not the snow that kept falling. I told her after lunch she could go back outside (3hrs is a long time to a 7 year old)…but she did it. And to top off her day, Seren pulled her around the yard in the sled. She can be a good big sister when she wants to be. 🙂  Odin got into the fun too…running top speed and ploughing his nose into the inch of snow and then settling into chewing a bone. lol

bb#19 204

I watched them through the kitchen window(ugh,which I really need to clean) and spaced out on the large fluffy falling frozen water drifting down. Pretty.

bb#19 201

I sure wish I didn’t have to see the road from here. *shrug* At least I am able to watch the girls play while I do my inside chores in the kitchen. It finally stopped snowing at 2pm and promptly start melting. Yep…slushy grossness.

bb#19 205

The daylight disappeared at 6:30pm with a glowing sunset.

The weather man/woman says it is supposed to rain/snow for the rest of the night. Bill is up and geting readyto head off to work. I hope for his sake and his crew it isnt too gross at the mill. Reality is that it is going to be one nasty-ass mess there….and he’s off.

The day is done…


2 responses to “What’s the White Stuff?

  1. Kids do love the snow! I can picture her excitement from here! My kids have only seen the snow a few times so they get very very excited! Us parents not so much so lol. Stay warm xx


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