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Water….the most important part of life.

If you don’t have water you dry out and die. Pure and simple.

We are at a desperate time at the moment. Our well has been dry since the end of June. After putting new gutters around the house to collect rainwater in rubbermaid totes, buckets and clean garbage cans and anything we could find. We even put the drain pipe into the well to help collect as much as possible. We put old gutter we found along the barn addition to collect it for the cow and chickens. We put the lids of the large totes along the drip line of the workshop. Anything to collect the water to sustain us.

Our days of rainwater collection is over for the year. It has been getting down to -17*c at night and warming up to 2*c during the day. We’ve had two snowfalls and they really haven’t amounted to much. Maybe 3cm…We need snow badly to be able to water Flossy, the chickens, the rabbits and our dog.

We get drinking water from my mom-in-love about 15 minutes away. We haven’t been able to bathe properly for 2 weeks now. We can’t afford to waste what water we have. The well is draining down again. I have to use the water to wash dishes and the daily face wash and parts that may need to be cleaned.

People have no idea how much water they waste when it freely comes out of the tap. When you are in our situation you learn how important every drop of water is. I thought I understood that from living at the Yurt for 3 years and having to haul the water for everything. But this…this is a new living hell on my shoulders. I am so afraid that we won’t be able to provide enough water to keep the animals. This is a serious situation that people just shrug at.

“oh well that’s not for me to worry about. I live in a city or town and they provide the water. I have to have a shower everyday.”

No, I’m sorry it is something everyone should worry about. What happens if the aqueduct the city or town has tapped into goes dry? What happens if the watershed that fills that resevoir dries up? What are you going to do? Where will you get drinking water?

*shaking my head*

It is time to get our heads out of the sand and realized water is not as renewable as we think. I heard a new report that came out about how much fresh water is actually on the earth.

I keep asking our Mother Earth to provide us with snow and lots of it. Enough to melt for the animals and to fill the well and keep it filled for next summer. I sure hope that our well is full so I can have a garden. We can’t afford to buy the produce and all our groceries from the stores up here. They are quite expensive and the produce is never very fresh(this another post for another time)

Water is needed for life….

Water is needed for to sustain the Earth and everything she holds.