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Year End

November 30th We went out into the forest and found our Yule/Christmas trees. We don’t do any celebrating, decorating or singing of carols until Milena’s birthday on the 29th of November is over. Once that is done then the chaos and mayhem begins! Ha ha!


Got the Yule/Christmas trees. Large one for the living room. Two smaller ones are for the girl’s rooms!

Yule and Christmas:


Gingerbread Village the girls made


Yule Bonfire during a snow storm!


Toast to the Sun!

Yule was spent quietly doing Yule home school activities and making paper snowflakes and learning about the true origins of Christmas. When Bill woke up we made a bonfire and played in the snow. We had a simple dinner and then Bill had to nap before heading back into work at the Sawmill for 10pm . I toasted the sun on my own. Next year I have bigger plans. 😉

Christmas is a bigger deal…for the kids anyways. I have decided to slowly move towards making Yule the bigger deal.


Christmas Dinner



There was too much food as always. Christmas dinner was served on Christmas Eve along with a dessert spread.



Snacks, desserts and Christmas dinner leftovers were put out for Christmas Day. I have done this forever so that I don’t have to spend the day in the Kitchen missing out on the festivities. It is a way more relaxed Christmas this way. 🙂 (Sorry, I couldn’t get the photos to rotate!)

Boxing day was spent at my mom-in-loves. This was the only day all her kids could come together to celebrate. The changes that happen as your children grow and their children grow and start families of their own were very apparent to her and myself this year. My hubby is her youngest and only biological son. The others are quite a bit older than us and their children are starting to all leave home and have lost the “Christmas magic”…Well the amount of magic that a hard-core Christians allow.

We are the odd family. I encourage the magic to embrace my little family. Seren figured out the truth about Santa 2 Christmases ago. She still loves the magic and excitement Santa invokes. I still love Santa!! Not the physical gifts, but the mystery and excitement and joy and Magic of his spirit.


Now the New Year is upon us…Bill may be home early New Years Eve to toast to our 12th year together! We celebrate our becoming an official couple more than our wedding day in 2007. To us it was the best day of our lives. Our wedding day was just a day the government and families considered us “official”. Today we’ll pick up a nice wine and get nicely chilled for New Years Eve.

I hope this Holiday Season has found you all healthy and safe! See you in 2016!!

Blessings ❤