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My brain divorced my body…

I swear my brain has up and divorced my body… *Insert warning of bad language*

You know what I mean. Those days when you are just puttering along at a good speed. Checking things off your mental list. You may daydream a little while you work.

“Ooo, that would look so pretty with a deep purple clematis growing up over the dead tree.” A dream of sunshine and green grass on your bare feet. A garden plan or herb mixture for a lovely tea on a winter’s night or even thoughts on an upsetting issue that just won’t leave you alone…You know, that sort of thing.


Yep that was me on a snowy January 16th…Lovely day dreams and upsetting thoughts, but all was going well. I was glad I was getting my mound of chores done. Well that changed at 4:00pm. Oh it all came tumbling down in a flurry.

I was in the kitchen trying to organize supper and get the coffee ready for Bill when he woke up from his nap. The Girls were in the living room(I think), when all of a sudden I hear…


…coming from Bill in our bedroom.

I flew across the house and meet Bill stumbling down our small hallway.

“COW!”, he gasped” is OUT!”


(Yes it was all spoken in yell)

I turned around and without thinking ran back out across the dinning room and kitchen and out the front door into an inch or so of snow. I spot Flossy bouncing, dancing and leaping like a calf in the front yard. My brain was screaming at itself. I began to panic.

“Holy F*ck! How’d she get out!” (really I don’t normally swear like this.) I yelled towards Bill in the door way.

I didn’t want her to run out into the road and cause an accident. We live on a rural road but it doesn’t mean the people drive cautiously by any means. I ran back inside slammed my feet into my rubber boots. As my feet finally got an word in edgewise.

As I threw myself back out the door I looked at the gate to the paddock. It was wide open! (old picture to give you an idea) Bill and the girls were following behind me. They stood in shocked watching the 1000+lb cow prancing all over the yard.IMG-20151226-16804

“Aww…sh*t….” I had been so spaced out, that I’d forgotten to lock the gate after I finished giving her hay at 2pm! *palmface*

“Come Flossy Come! Come Flossy Come!” I sang as calmly as one can possibly sing in this situation. Well. Hell in a hand basket, she headed straight for the bloody road just a jumping and a hopping like she were a ballerina. When she hit the road she found a burst of energy and tried to leap gracefully over the snow covered ditch and into our field….


It didn’t work so well…Flossy left a huge cow imprint in the snow. Then struggled to climb her fat pregnant self out of the 3ft of snow in the ditch. *snort* “serves you right” I thought.

Bill went for dairy ration to try entice her back into the yard, as I called her again.

“Come Flossy come!”

She came this time. Full force running…straight at me…baby belly and teats a swinging. I swear she was going to hit the truck on the way by and straight into me. The dork, She deeked me out at the last second and went straight back through the wide open gate. There is nothing that sticks in your mind like a 1000+lb cow with horns, belly swinging one way and teats the other barreling down on you. Holy Hannah!

What a good cow! What a very good cow! Flossy was just out having a bit of fun without asking. I think she misses having the pasture to roam. She and I used to race from one end of the pasture to the other. It is the funniest sight! 🙂

Poor Bill…all he wanted to do when he woke up was to look out the window and see if the snow was falling.

“I was expecting to see the snow falling…NOT a cow wandering out in the yard. I thought at first it was a moose, but quickly realized it was Flossy.”

“Morning…” I said lowering my eyes and head.”I swear I locked the gate…” *sigh* Nope obviously not.

We stood by the fence and laughed and asked Flossy if she had fun. She kicked up her heels again and threw herself around in her paddock. She seemed to be saying”YES! I had such a blast…Why didn’t you join me?” I gave her a pet and she burped…Well, that nearly knocked me on my ass. *PHEWF* gag and barf…IMG-20151223-16755

The girls went back inside. Flossy went back to eating her hay and Bill and I followed Flossy’s hoof prints around. She went and checked out the outhouse and then under our bedroom window(other side of the house from her paddock/shelter area), through the snow buried firepit, all over the yard heading towards the neighbors to our right. That’s when Bill saw her and all the havoc began.

Never ending fun happens around here…*giggle* Well, sometimes. Mostly not as exciting as an escapee cow. Chickens escape. Roosters who need a lady to call their own fly over fences to get to them. *eyeroll* That is more annoying than funny.

I can’t promise more stories like this but knowing me and my luck there’s bound to be a few more harrowing experiences. HA HA HA HA!

Blessings ❤








Exciting times…

There are exciting this a foot here at Eternal Bloom Farm!

I have been working on a way for making a bit of money for myself. Something that won’t take up to much of my already crazy busy days. Something that I can leave for a period of time and not be worried that it won’t get done. I don’t want to be worries about strict time lines and due date. I don’t want to work away from the property. I refuse to go back to a retail job, selling useless things to people who really don’t need one more “thing”.

So, I started thinking of what I can do from Home. It is illegal to sell raw milk in BC. I can barely get rid of eggs up here…everyone has their own sources already and aren’t willing to pay $4 a dozen and expect me to deliver. I don’t have the housing for breeding and selling hens. Plus I’m  not into it…there are enough chicken breeders out there. I want to do something different and will help families provide for their families. Especially low income struggling families. Like us.

I started thinking of options…I prayed to the Mother Goddess for her guidance and meditated on a path. I heeded the signs that kept quietly popping up in my everyday life. SO….

I asked a lady(who is a new fb friend) that happens to live down the way from me and has a market farm, Bearfoot Farm, and set up the community gardens in Burns Lake last summer what types of things are needed around here. What is not being sold at the local Farmer’s Market. Herbs! Teas! OH MY!!! Exactly what am good at growing. 🙂

I had the idea in 2011 to start a herb and tea business, but it never got off the ground. With having to move from the Yurt site and then renting it got put on the back burner. NOT this year! This year Eternal Bloom Farm Herbs and Teas will become a reality.

I except mistakes, procrastination, tests of motivation and whatnot along the way. I expect to be fearful and nervous, which has always been my nature. I am a worrier and not a risk-taker. Luckily I have a silent partner in my hubby. He always has my back. I am also more comfy with this business venture, because if for some reason I don’t sell anything it can go into our fridge or personal storage. I would even be willing to donate it to the local food bank or family in need.

I am super excited. I have 4months to get my procrastinating, already stressed butt organized. The earliest I can plant anything outside is the end of the May long weekend here. The last frost day for my micro-climate is June 1st.

Time to go sort through my seed box and make up a seed order list. 😀

Blessings ❤

Back to the way we were…

So…I am tired of being on the grid and relying on the stores for our nourishment again. After the years of living in the Yurt on the back 15acres of my parent’s property (Yes I will talk a lot about those years. They were my favourite years. I miss the life deeply.) I became very good at doing with less.

We shopped once a month in Penticton which was 2 hours away.Once in awhile we would go to Grand Forks, 30 minutes away, for odds and ends or when I badly needed something and to visit the Hospital Auxilary Thrift Store.

I had a budget of $300 a month for food and other items. I did it! I shopped in bulk and bought very few prepackaged items. I learned to cook everything from Scratch and learned to make cleaning supplies and no-poo shampoo.  We did very well…The time has come to get back to the way we were.

Today I made up a squeeze bottle of Baking Soda and water to wash hair with and a bottle of vinegar for the initial rinse. Since we don’t have the luxury of bathing all the time I have to think way outside the box. We use Ivory bar soap as it can be used for bathing as well as grated and mixed with Borax for laundry soap. I have never stopped making Lemon/vinegar cleaner since 2010. I can’t stand the smell of Chemical cleaners…the cleaning aisles in store make me want to barf!

I will be going through my food storage and cupboards to see what bulk items I am running out of and what I need to learn to make instead of buying. My list is going to be loooooooong. I also need to go through my cookbooks and see what recipes I’ve been ignoring. NO MORE PACKAGED CRAP!! Okay…we allow for some “fun” foods for those just in case times or treats.

I used to make peanut butter, mayo, sourdough bread starter and anything else that sparked an interest. I would search the library for books on “putting food by”, Old recipes from the 1800’s or the great depression anything to help me keep within our budget and anything to help us be able to put even a few dollars extra aside to help us pay off our debt.

Food shopping was always done with a list and with The Girls. The Girls got bored fast when shopping so it kept me from buying more than I had budgeted for. We always went to Thrift Stores for clothes, non-electric kitchen and household items. I loved driving down alleyways on garbage or recycle days in Penticton to search for usable items that we could fix and reuse. I got my umbrella clothes line, a wheelbarrow, used windows, garden pots, canning jars, door for the outhouse, pedestal sink, desk(transformed into my kitchen sink)….so many things were gleaned and reused.

This spring we will order meat birds and a few turkeys and a heck of a lot of veggie seeds and maybe if it is in my budget some berry plants and a fruit tree or two. We can’t afford $6-7 for a head of cauliflower the size of my fist!!

This is what I want to get back into doing. I want to step backwards. I will teach The Girls to survive with less and I will get back to where I was happiest.



Home Learner’s Blues

Yep we Home Learner’s and Home Schooler’s get them too.

I don’t want to go back to reporting every week and fighting(yes it is true) with my 8 year old to “stop fooling around and just get done.” every day. I don’t want to spend my every waking moment wondering how I can use playing with paper dolls, Lego, fights with the other sister, the sneeze fit one just had, and so on as a learning opportunity. I don’t want to figure out the lesson plans for the week and remember every detail of an interesting conversation to report to the LC the next Tuesday.

I hate being on the computer so much.

Since we started dealing with this new school I don’t feel like the computer is ever off. I know the BC Government has changed the rules again. Everyone has to report every week. ‘Cause us Home Learner’s/Schooler’s don’t have enough to do???? HA! *snort*

I know! I know! I’m on the computer now. Only because this is supposed to be a fun thing to do. I used to have a Blog on Multiply in 2009-2011 when they stopped being a blog site. It was nice to share our Yurting Adventure with our friends and family. I prefer this over Facebook. All though FaceCrack has introduced me to some very special people in my life.

Anyways, I slowly started the girls back into the school day routine and realized none of us want to do it.  HA ha ha ha! Oh to not have to worry that we are keeping up with the school system. *eyeroll* One thing I have realized over the past 5 years of Home Education is how many of us truly use that Diploma? I sure didn’t. Every thing I was forced to learn went *POOF* I remember the thing I loved learning. Sewing, accounting, cooking, Western Civilization, women’s studies…that sort of thing. I can’t remember half the science or any of the second language or math we were required to learn. I must say our LC (learning consultant) is good at helping us figure out how to figure out things I don’t see as learning potential. I worry too much about making sure the girls are keeping up with their Public School peers. I worry that someday they may have to go back into the Public school system and not be where they should be.

We shall push forward through these back to Home Learning Blues….One way or another…hee hee.

I have been searching for a DL(Distributed Learning) school that doesn’t require weekly reporting and constant required use of a computer. HA! What a joke…:( I am more likely to find that proverbial needle in a haystack. I asked on a Facebook DL group if there was such a place. One lady said I was complaining about the reporting. Okay…Uhm, no I’m not complaining. I was “STATING” that I would prefer a place that allowed me to have less time on front of a screen. Some people just don’t understand that some of us HS so our kids don’t have to be plopped in front of a screen.My LC is learning quickly that I dislike having to be on the computer so much. I know the girls must learn to use one and all that. BUT our family prefers very limited screen time.

Tomorrow is a “school day”. Reporting in the morning and learning in the afternoon.

I will have to blog about some of the things we have done and do. But my time is up for Screen use.