Back to the way we were…

So…I am tired of being on the grid and relying on the stores for our nourishment again. After the years of living in the Yurt on the back 15acres of my parent’s property (Yes I will talk a lot about those years. They were my favourite years. I miss the life deeply.) I became very good at doing with less.

We shopped once a month in Penticton which was 2 hours away.Once in awhile we would go to Grand Forks, 30 minutes away, for odds and ends or when I badly needed something and to visit the Hospital Auxilary Thrift Store.

I had a budget of $300 a month for food and other items. I did it! I shopped in bulk and bought very few prepackaged items. I learned to cook everything from Scratch and learned to make cleaning supplies and no-poo shampoo.  We did very well…The time has come to get back to the way we were.

Today I made up a squeeze bottle of Baking Soda and water to wash hair with and a bottle of vinegar for the initial rinse. Since we don’t have the luxury of bathing all the time I have to think way outside the box. We use Ivory bar soap as it can be used for bathing as well as grated and mixed with Borax for laundry soap. I have never stopped making Lemon/vinegar cleaner since 2010. I can’t stand the smell of Chemical cleaners…the cleaning aisles in store make me want to barf!

I will be going through my food storage and cupboards to see what bulk items I am running out of and what I need to learn to make instead of buying. My list is going to be loooooooong. I also need to go through my cookbooks and see what recipes I’ve been ignoring. NO MORE PACKAGED CRAP!! Okay…we allow for some “fun” foods for those just in case times or treats.

I used to make peanut butter, mayo, sourdough bread starter and anything else that sparked an interest. I would search the library for books on “putting food by”, Old recipes from the 1800’s or the great depression anything to help me keep within our budget and anything to help us be able to put even a few dollars extra aside to help us pay off our debt.

Food shopping was always done with a list and with The Girls. The Girls got bored fast when shopping so it kept me from buying more than I had budgeted for. We always went to Thrift Stores for clothes, non-electric kitchen and household items. I loved driving down alleyways on garbage or recycle days in Penticton to search for usable items that we could fix and reuse. I got my umbrella clothes line, a wheelbarrow, used windows, garden pots, canning jars, door for the outhouse, pedestal sink, desk(transformed into my kitchen sink)….so many things were gleaned and reused.

This spring we will order meat birds and a few turkeys and a heck of a lot of veggie seeds and maybe if it is in my budget some berry plants and a fruit tree or two. We can’t afford $6-7 for a head of cauliflower the size of my fist!!

This is what I want to get back into doing. I want to step backwards. I will teach The Girls to survive with less and I will get back to where I was happiest.



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