Exciting times…

There are exciting this a foot here at Eternal Bloom Farm!

I have been working on a way for making a bit of money for myself. Something that won’t take up to much of my already crazy busy days. Something that I can leave for a period of time and not be worried that it won’t get done. I don’t want to be worries about strict time lines and due date. I don’t want to work away from the property. I refuse to go back to a retail job, selling useless things to people who really don’t need one more “thing”.

So, I started thinking of what I can do from Home. It is illegal to sell raw milk in BC. I can barely get rid of eggs up here…everyone has their own sources already and aren’t willing to pay $4 a dozen and expect me to deliver. I don’t have the housing for breeding and selling hens. Plus I’m  not into it…there are enough chicken breeders out there. I want to do something different and will help families provide for their families. Especially low income struggling families. Like us.

I started thinking of options…I prayed to the Mother Goddess for her guidance and meditated on a path. I heeded the signs that kept quietly popping up in my everyday life. SO….

I asked a lady(who is a new fb friend) that happens to live down the way from me and has a market farm, Bearfoot Farm, and set up the community gardens in Burns Lake last summer what types of things are needed around here. What is not being sold at the local Farmer’s Market. Herbs! Teas! OH MY!!! Exactly what am good at growing. 🙂

I had the idea in 2011 to start a herb and tea business, but it never got off the ground. With having to move from the Yurt site and then renting it got put on the back burner. NOT this year! This year Eternal Bloom Farm Herbs and Teas will become a reality.

I except mistakes, procrastination, tests of motivation and whatnot along the way. I expect to be fearful and nervous, which has always been my nature. I am a worrier and not a risk-taker. Luckily I have a silent partner in my hubby. He always has my back. I am also more comfy with this business venture, because if for some reason I don’t sell anything it can go into our fridge or personal storage. I would even be willing to donate it to the local food bank or family in need.

I am super excited. I have 4months to get my procrastinating, already stressed butt organized. The earliest I can plant anything outside is the end of the May long weekend here. The last frost day for my micro-climate is June 1st.

Time to go sort through my seed box and make up a seed order list. 😀

Blessings ❤


2 responses to “Exciting times…

  1. Thank you Rachel! Your words mean a lot to me. ❤ This is a big deal to me, as I am not much of a risk taker.


  2. Eternal Bloom Farm Herbs and Teas… I LOVE it! I have the utmost confidence in you, my friend ❤


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