Frosty Days

We had a few very frosty weeks in January. Any where from -15 to -27c. Thankfully it has warmed up…A LOT! Last week it got to +10c. Here are some photos I took around the property.


Spiky frost on the solar Christmas lights


Clusters of frosty on Poplar branch


Frost clinging to a stray hair


Natures handmade tree ornament(frost covered hair)


Sun trying to burn off the fog


Natures beauty

The world around us holds so many artworks. Seren and Milena and I learned about snowflakes one week. We watched videos on how they are formed and about Wilson Bentley the “The Snowflake Man”. On the last day we went outside to find that the temperature was just right to look at snowflakes. Our luck was perfect as it was snowing and it was so light that we could investigate each snowflake that fell. I was able to get some decent photos with my Black Berry cell phone. 🙂

What do you think?


I haven’t figured out how to add the link to the Youtube video we watched. I’ll have to come back and update once I figure it out. lol. I will attempt….


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