Fun with Lego

Milena has a great love of Lego. Sometimes she follows instructions to build, such as the tanker truck. Most of the time though she prefers to use her imagination and build whatever she can dream up. Like the Birdhouse/bird feeder. I look up ideas for her on Pinterest or just through Google.


Bird house/ bird feeder


backside of the birdhouse/ bird feeder

Pretty snazzy bird house/ bird feeder. Those are some lucky birds…though I think we may have get her dad to help her build a bigger version out of wood to be left outside. This has sparked an interest in Birds. Yay! Fun stuff to teach. šŸ™‚


Tanker Truck…under repair by the Fairies


Tanker truck and Fairies at work

This Tanker truck comes from a set that belonged to her dad when he was about her age. The grey tank holds “C” batteries that runs the motor under the hood. She followed the instruction booklet to build it. She especially loves this set of instructions. She still has a tendency to improvise if she can’t find a certain piece.

There will be many more projects to share in the future. I also have to transfer photos on the old computer over to the new one. I have a few other pictures of past building projects from both Seren and Milena to share. šŸ™‚






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