Midwinter growth

This house is wonderful for the amount of light that gets inside. Compared to the house we were renting in Oliver, this house is like a greenhouse.


Rosemary and Ginger

I bought this Rosemary plant in May 2015 from Honeysuckle Garden Centre(they do have a facebook page) a few minutes East of me in Decker Lake, BC. They grow all their plants in a cool greenhouse so they can be transplanted and adapt to our outside climate easier. I brought my Rosemary plant in before the first heavy frost and it has grown wonderfully in front of our sliding glass doors to nowhere. I have kept it barely moist and near a heat register so it stay just warm enough. It has sent new bright green growth upwards. So, happy about this.


Pineapple plants

The Pineapple in the green pot is 5yrs old. The yellow and brown pots are both 4yrs old. All have been started from the tops of store bought Pineapples. They have shot up too! I love experimenting with growing plants. I used to have lemon saplings until we moved here. They got a nasty case of scale. *sigh* So I will try again. I have some organic lemon seeds that I will put into potting soil in the next couple days. So many ideas…so little time. 🙂




I found the Ginger hiding behind the basket of oranges on the counter. I knew I had a chunk of ginger! Haha…It had this lovely bit growing so I decided to drop it on top of the soil in a pot that used to have basil in it. It is growing slowly but I am so happy that it is growing. I have wanted to try growing ginger but never it had it work. I didn’t even have to try. Yay me!! Today I noticed that the little nodule just above the “r” is starting to green-up too.

Seed starting happens soon too. I will be blogging shortly on my garden plans and seeds that I have squirreled away for this years growing pleasure.


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