Hard times at the farm…

I ‘m sorry for not posting much. My days and weeks have been smearing together lately.

Our Miss Flossy Cow got very ill a few weeks ago. We were in the process of drying her up in hopes that a calf would be here between now and the end of March. One night as I was going about our normal routine of animal chores I noticed that she was twitchy and not quite right. I couldn’t place what was wrong. Bill hadn’t noticed anything. I decided to keep an eye on her. The next day she seemed a little more sluggish and seemed to be favouring her one leg.

I read up some more on drying up cows…not very good resources on small farm or hand milking. LOTS on big dairy farms and machine milked cow care. The one book I have that talks about cows, said it was do to the tenderness of the udder. I was satisfied to a point with that explanation…IF you have ever had a baby and breastfed you know the feeling of someone or any fabric rubbing against your breast. *shudder* OW! No wonder she was walking slower and gingerly.

We went into our local vet and got some antibiotics to put in her grain ration. She refused it. She started going down hill fast. She could barely walk. She stumbled very slowly along, her appetite disappeared. She didn’t even want her favourite treat…an apple. Flossy could barely stand up and spent days just laying in the cow shed. We got a hold of the local vet over the phone. She came out and gave her some pain meds and antibiotics and did a pregnancy exam…*sigh* no calf… We were given more injectable antibiotics but couldn’t get her to let us give them to her. We aren’t setup with the proper metal stantion and we decided to stop. The next day Bill went in to pay the vet bill and talk to the Vet.The vet said with the history of Mastitis and this case, she suggested we ship her to an auction or butcher her. Floss is not likely to get impregnated again as she hasn’t had a calf in 2years(as far as we know) It was a bit of a shock, but it is farming life reality.

We left Flossy be for a few days and she started to move and eat hay again. So, I tried the feed additive meds again. I diluted the meds in warm sugar water and soaked her grains in it. I added cut up apple and broccoli and lettuce in a yellow compost bucket. She used to steal the compost if the bucket was near by. 🙂 She hoovered it down. I did it for a week. She got better and is now hoovering hay. She won’t go into the stantion for grain and is very leery of Bill and I.

So this weekend, after a lot of thought and discussion, Flossy will go to auction in Vanderhoof, about an hour and a half away. I couldn’t eat her. I could cook and eat the meat that she would provide. Bill agreed he didn’t think he or the kids could either.


Winter is still in full force here and I am getting severe Cabin Fever. I get hit hard in February and March. My body is not used to this long of a winter so my body is saying “GARDEN TIME!!”. Then I look out the window and see the knee high snow still on the ground. My body is too used to the weather in the Okanagan where they have green grass and flowers are starting to bloom….Depression starts to creep in. 😥

That’s when I cracked open the seed catalogues and started planning the herbs, veggie, and flower seeds I’ll need this year. This is a new growing zone for me. Canadian zone 2.

I plan on doing posts on gardening and all the fun that comes with it.

Here’s to happier times.

D ❤



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