Lego Fun!

Milena has been busy using her free-time to produce some pretty awesome projects with the Lego blocks.

Her first project was a three story house for her Lego Friends. Of course the no house/property should be without a stable, driveway and pond/pool area. 🙂

Milena measured the Lego Friends figurine to see how tall she would have to make each story of the house. The figurine was 5cm tall. Each block is 1cm tall. So her conclusion was each wall had to be 6cm tall(6 blocks tall). She had a few issues with keeping the wall standing when she put the flooring down. She got very frustrated. I explained that first she needed to make sure she overlapped the blocks for strength especially on the corners. In the end she figured it out and….TADA!


Three story house comes with stable, private drive and pond/natural pool area. Horse and Jeep negotiable.


2nd story of the house. I am not sure how she gets her hands and figurines in there to use all the furniture.


3rd story is a full roof top deck


Stable with Tack room and feeder. Excellent size for up to 3 horses.


Jeep-truck for all your farming and household needs. May even fit a small pony for outings in different areas.

Milena built the Pirate ship with a little help from her Dad. This is an old Lego set from her Dad’s youth. He is very particular about how she puts sets together. *giggle* They must use the proper pieces, no substituting piece or colours for the original pieces/ colours. Milena gets frustrated with him and rolls her eyes at him a l0t. They do have fun though. 🙂


Pirate ship… her Dad’s Lego kit from his youth


Sailing the mighty hardwood seas. One must always have there horse, in case you hit land.


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