Carrot Experiment

The Carrot Experiment

The idea was to see if we could get a carrot to grow from the tops and to see where they grew the best. It took 2 long weeks to see results and it was very hard to keep them interested…


Writing out the information for the lab.


TIME for Kids: Big Book of Science Experiments


You need 6 carrots with greens(our store only sells in groups of 5) Cut off most of the green.


Cut an inch off the top of the carrots.


Put 2 tops into 3 bowls of water.


Carrot tops ready for the growing spots


Direct sun spot


Indirect sunny spot


Dark and lonely spot(Milena felt bad for this little carrot top)


After a week the carrot tops in the sunny and indirect sunny spots started producing root nodes.


At the 2 week mark the carrot tops in both sunny and indirect sunny spot had full on roots. We had to compost the lonely carrot top at a week and a half (Eeeew!)

In the end the roots had grown to 3 inches long so….I planted them…


Why waste a “free” plant… haha! Yes, I am weird.

Milena was quite upset that she wouldn’t get baby carrots like we get from the garden. Seren assured her we would be planting seeds in the spring. I told her that instead of getting just one baby carrot the plants will produce seed heads and then we will plant those if she wanted. I am not 100% sure we will get seeds, but I am  hoping so.

In the end they decided they didn’t feel like writing out their observations. Instead we decided doing a blog post and photos was enough.

D & S & M ❤



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