Learning at Grandma J’s!


Seren’s Gingersnap cookies


Milena’s Chocolate button cookies


3D puzzle time Neuschwanstein Castle

When the girls go to their Grandma J’s and Grandpa H’s house for a visit or sleepover there is always learning afoot. Be it puzzles a plenty or baking cookies for the old folks at the Pines or watching Animal Planet on TV.

Puzzles are a big thing lately. It must be the seemingly never ending winter here. This visit Grandma J had a 3D puzzle of the Neuschewanstein Castle in Germany. Milena did the majority. She loves her puzzles! The girls still need to finish putting it together. Maybe we’ll go over for a visit in the next few days.

The cookie, Gingersnap and Chocolate buttons, they baked this time are for Grandma J’s Easter Faspa (Late lunch)on Good Friday. This is one of the few times a yearmy hubby’s family all get together. These cookies are too hard to take up to the Pines to share with the seniors. The cookies that they can take up to the seniors in the assisted living facility must be chewy and no nuts in them. Next time. šŸ™‚

The girls brought home 4 of each kind so Bill and I could have a taste. Delicious!

D ā¤



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