Monsters…Some you know, others you never dreamed of.

Hello hello!

Easter just passed and we’re tumbling on our way to the end of school and the start of summer.(ha. I wish)

As you can probably tell from the headline this book review is about mystical monsters. Not zombies or ghouls or ghosts or skeletons, but dragons, fairies, ooze toads and Granous(I’ll get to those last two in a bit)

These to books are a set by Emily Rodda and Marc McBride:

#1 The Tales of Deltora

#2 Secrets of Deltora


Deltora is a place where dragons are the rulers and 7 gems keep the lands healthy.

  1. Del Territory – Topaz
  2. Ralad Territory – Ruby
  3. Plains – Opal
  4. Dread Nome – Emerald
  5. Mere – Lapis Lazuli
  6. Toran – Amethyst
  7. Jalis – Diamond

The first book The Land of Dragons(Deltora) is being destroyed by the Shadow Lord and his Greers. Adin, the Dels blacksmith, dreams of a silver belt made by his hand and knows he is the only one who must visit each and every Territory to tell the people about the belt which is made to hold each gem.

Adin goes to every place and collects every gem except one. The Torans’s gem, the amethyst. When the battle for Deltora happens and all seems about lost…Will the Torans give their gem for the cause?

This book is AMAZING and is filled with beautiful coloured pictures . It is great for all ages and is perfect for those mystical monster lovers! 🙂

The next book “Secrets of Deltora” is set in the aftermath of the Battle for Deltora.

Written by the view of a journeyer, it is filled with tips and descriptions of monsters such as Ooze Toad and the ferocious Kobb. You go to  places like Tora in Toran Territory and Broome in the Plains Territory. Learn how to act and learn the people’s superstitions.

Have fun reading these books and enjoy the fabulous artwork.

Au Revoir!




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