We are on fb…and so much more.

I wasn’t going to start a page on Facebook as I spend too much time online as is, but….

Here we are: https://www.facebook.com/eternalbloomfarm/

Please come join us. I have so much to figure out when it comes to technology. I am way better at growing and nurturing plants. 🙂

I am getting so excited to be spending more time outside. We have plans to at least double my greenhouse, which means Bill gets to play with wood on his days off from the Sawmill. Haha! I have a lot of plans for herbs, edible and non-edible flowers, vegetables and other fun experimental plants to grow.

We spent Sunday cleaning up the garden and greenhouse area. The weather warmed up so much on Saturday that most of the snow is melted. Then Monday we got a big rain storm that melted more. We only have a few areas that are in the shade and deeper in the bush that have snow. It is a very very odd winter this year. It was +17c and +10c over the weekend. The folks around this area are not used to these temperatures in April. There is still usually snow into May. My hubby gets snow on his birthday May long weekend. I am not complaining as I am a warm/hot weather lover.


Raspberry box, Strawberry and Rhubarb hill(doubling in size this year)


Greenhouse(may double it or build a bigger one… oh darn to both ideas 😉


Raspberry canes, 2 big Rhubarb bushes and 125 strawberry plants behind the Rhubarb…Doubling the strawberries on the new compost hill behind the Raspberries


The start of the Garden.

There is no…I repeat no soil on this land. I have about 6inches of soil. So I have to do Lasagna gardening. Lasagna Gardening is where you layer leaves, cut grass, straw, topsoil, peat, or whatever good ammendments you can get a hold of. I have a neighbor who has a pile of well composted cow poo for me. I just have to go and get it. I have lots of leaf litter and seasoned chicken poo too. I am going to experiment with forage radishes( they drill themselves down to 6 feet and then compost over the winter) to till up a large seperate piece of my dream garden. I will be sure to do a blog post on that too.

I started seeds March 25… I just couldn’t hold myself back any longer. Milena was my helper for a couple trays. She says”I can’t wait to help you grow things Mom.”


Milena helping my put seeds in the starter trays


Early snowball Cauliflower and Calabrese and Early Green Broccoli


Mammoth Red Cabbage


Copenhagen Market Cabbage


Teeny tiny Summer and Winter Savory seedlings


Northern Delight Tomato

March 25:

  1. Early Snowball Cauliflower
  2. Calabrese Broccoli
  3. Early Green Broccoli
  4. Asparagus – Precoce D’Argenteuil
  5. Liatris – ‘Blazing Star’

March 29:

  1. Mammoth Red Cabbage
  2. Copenhagen Market Cabbage
  3. Lovage
  4. Hyssop
  5. Anise-Hyssop
  6. Savory -summer and winter and dwarf
  7. Rosemary
  8. Joe’s Long Cayenne pepper
  9. Alma Paprika
  10. Cayenne chile pepper
  11. Doe Hill pepper
  12. Orange Bell pepper
  13. Tomato – Northern Delight, Austin’s Red Pear, Super Sioux, Principe Borghese
  14. Herbs : Bee balm, Lemon balm, Greek oregano, Oregano, Vervain

March 31:

  1. Delphinium ‘Pacific Giants’
  2. Blanket Flower’ Burgandy’

April 1:

  1. Mignonette
  2. Columbine ‘Pink’

I have so much more to start…Heh heh heh!

The girls are done with school for the day. Time for all of us to go outside and play in the sun before it sets.

Ciao for now,

❤ Drisana


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