Silence is shocking


This video kind of confused us at first. I didn’t read the back of the cover when I got it out of the library.

The film had no talking…no commentary. Only the sounds of the actual places shown. The sounds that the workers would be exposed to everyday. The squealing of pigs, machines, sprayers, water, the echoing hallways…. No explanation or subtitles to tell you what you were looking at…where in the world the farms were. We guessed Germany or Europe some where by the language of some workers and license plates.

It was intense at some points. The “silence” of videography is perfect…I suggest it to everyone. Yes there is blood and shocking scenes. I debated on letting Milena(8) see some scenes…but then she wouldn’t have gotten the full understanding without them. maybe preview before showing kids.

Seren says she’s going vegetarian. *note – I was vegetarian for 10 years*

I told her “that doesn’t solve the problems of the industry. Look how many chemicals are put on produce. So going vegetarian really isn’t any better. You need to learn to grow your own food. Do what we are doing now. Raise our own meat or buy from small farmers who we know and trust. Our beef comes from our neighbor who’s cows are grass fed during the summer and quality hay he grows for winter.We grow and preserve our vegetables and fruit as much as possible. We go to the store for those things we can’t produce ourselves. Read labels. Be informed. That is why I get this family to watch these types of shows.”

We have also watched:

  1. Forks Over Knives
  2. Food Inc.
  3. Plastic Planet

I know there were others but can’t remember the names of them. Time to do some more searching.

❤ Drisana




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