Some More Todd Strasser

Allo! Allo!

It’s been awhile. Practically a whole month since my last book review.

Okay, so those of you who have read my book review called “Adventures” with the book by Todd Strasser called “Can’t Get There From Here”, know who or partly know who I’m talking about.

During my last visit I happened across a whole bunch of Todd Strasser books and I read these two which I will tell you about…

First up is “Kill you last”. It’s about a girl named Shelby Sloan who has it all. Stuff like sports cars and shopping sprees. Her father is a fashion photographer. When three girls go missing Shelby’s dad is the main suspect and all because he did his job, took head shots of the to-be models.

Shelby’s also been getting violent and threatening e-mails which doesn’t help the matter. Shelby’s determined to make sure her dad’s innocent and find out whose the mysterious e-mailer.

“Kill you last” is better read by ages 12 and up, it is not violent(much) nor gory. It is a great read for people who like mystery and spookiness!

Next is “Blood on my hands” also by Todd Strasser.

Callie Carson was a normal girl, hanging out with Katherine the schools IT girl. They talk and act like friends and then things go wrong. When the two go to a keg party, Katherine goes missing.

Unfortunately for Callie, she’s the one who finds Katherine’s body, a knife in her side. Callie picks it up and is looking stunned when another party-goer happens upon her and does what all teens would do now-a-days…..Snaps a photo and posts it. Before Callie knows it the police are looking for her and she hides, even tries out a few disguises but in the end she is caught.

“Blood on my hands” is another great book, but it is not good for younger readers…but it is your decision, isn’t it? 🙂

Au Revoir for now!



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