Let the light in


Time to fix a rotten door sill and put in a new door


This is not looking good…


While Bill fixed the door sill and figured out how to fix the issues, I removed all the icky brown indoor/outdoor carpet.


Yay!! The faux wood paneling for the late 60’s is coming down.


The original exterior wall of the house!


We take precautions when dealing with mold…Respirator Man to the rescue!!


The previous owners had a very big flood and forgot to clean up the stairwell wall…EWWW! It was hidden by the paneling.


They also had a leak under the sink at one point. I’ve never seen Yellow mold.


All moldy drywall dealt with. We will replace the drywall eventually.


Time to install the new door! I asked for one with a window…:)



The new door is installed. The rotten sill and insulation have been replaced.


A very thick coat of foundation tar is put on to help protect the fixed area.



The Cement pads are just temporary. We plan to build a small porch to help protect the door and this portion of the foundation. It will look so good when we’ve finished.

We are glad there was drywall behind the paneling. It has helped brighten the stairwell up so much. I kind of like the rustic look of the old exterior wall. We may sand it fill the spaces between the boards and seal it. We shall see….I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

I am so happy to have light in the back stairwell now. No more flipping on 2 lights to see during the day. I actually keep getting pissy because I keep thinking the girls have left the backdoor open or the lights on. Hahaha!

First renovation complete.

❤ Drisana




2 responses to “Let the light in

  1. Nicely done. Now if I could get my Bill to fix a few problems around here! Kudos to hard work and proactively addressing issues!

    Liked by 1 person

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