Fun in the neighborhood

On one of our neighborhood walkabouts…The girls became…


 Women Warriors of the hill!

They then became Owl keeper and Owl…Seren Owl followed her Keeper( Milena) around the road. She was only allowed to walk along the cracks in the road, unless the Keeper said otherwise.

The game stopped when they happened upon Wee calves and their mom’s in one of the Rancher Neighbor’s fields. Then it is was “OOOOOooo’s” and “Ahhh’s ” all round. Then it was wishes the Flossy had a calf and wishes that we hadn’t had to send her to auction. I reassured them that maybe next year we would get another milk cow, but not to get their hopes up.


Wee calves and mom’s…

We moved on our wandering way to the Palling Hall where we peaked in the windows. The girls hoped that maybe they would see fairies learning lessons on the blackboard or dancing on the floor. Maybe a ghost of a long passed resident of the area. But alas…nothing but a quiet dark building.


This is the Palling Hall…taken on one our earlier walks.

Beside the hall is a swampy area with loads of Willows. Some of the Catkins were starting to flower. I am always so enthralled by the beauty of Nature. The abundance of differences. *sigh* amazing!!



When we got home we did a bit of yard work. Worked up a sweat we did. I raked an area with really tall grass that we never got to cutting down last summer/fall. So, I decided that I would use it in place of straw. This grass has no seed heads, a bonus. Seren wheeled it all over to the other side of the yard and placed it over top of my experimental potato patch.


Heave ho the grass to the experimental potato patch.


A little baseball

After we had finished the Grass transfer, the sun was still shining so while Bill and I had a cup of coffee the girls played their version of Baseball. Lots of giggles and running happened. A perfect way to end a day.

When the girls took off their sandals to come inside for supper I cheered. Why? Because they had dirty feet and clothes!! Hahaha! Yep…Spring is here!! That means I can boot them out of doors and the real play/learning can happen. The imaginations can soar in infinite ways. Exploring can happen freely. Yes, I may even get some alone time! 🙂


Dirty feet is the way feet should be at the end of the day!

❤ Drisana


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