Where did the time go!

Wow! MAY already?!Ā  I didn’t think it had been that long since I posted anything. LOL!

Well, it has been busy here to say the least. I have posted a lot of photos to the facebook page as it is easier when I have limited time for being online. I am not blessed with a fancy phone so can’t access the blog from there. Just me and my old Blackberry bold. Hahaha!

With trying to get the Home Schooling finished for the year, butchering extra roosters, Beltane, running errands, cleaning up my rock garden and getting the greenhouse ready. Time has slipped away from me.

The 4 Roosters that we were growing out all weighed in at 2.5lbs, except the one in the photo above; he was 3lbs. Perfect meal size for our family. Yay for fresh homegrown meat.

I did a quiet Beltane celebration on May 1st. We lit a bonfire and did some more brush clean up around the yard. It is super dry here and the worry of forest fires is very real. We are trying to take all the precautions we can. Hot dogs and marshmallows were called for. It was a good productive day.

I spent most of my spare time fixing my Ever Evolving Rock Garden. (before, during and after) That was a lot of rock picking and stooping over. Ouch! But I got it done and am very pleased. I planted 20 Gladiolus, from my Mom-in-love, around the base of the tree. It will be a plethora of colour when they all bloom. šŸ™‚

The greenhouse has a bed and soil!! Wahoo!! Now for the plastic. We are waiting on the 2x4x10’s to enlarge the greenhouse. We figure we’ll put up the plastic and add on later. I need to get some of my rather large a scraggly looking seedlings out there. I will still have to use the thick fleece like frost blanket until June. Frost blanket is a necessity here all summer. We get frost every month usually around the Full moon. I painted the plywood walls black to help store the warmth in the soil…We shall see if my theory works.

Our Rancher neighbor and friend stopped by with his tractor and tiller attachment one day.

“Where do you want your garden?” He said gruffly…He has that hard no guff voice. All business, but shhhhh….he’s a really nice guy. “You need soil? I’ve got a well seasoned pile is you want it.”

Well, I have a nice garden plot and 4 trailer loads of well seasoned Cow poo soil! WE are blessed with such wonderful neighbors. He will come back in the next week or two to till my garden again. The ground…not soil here, all clay at the 6 inch mark…is still too wet to do much with. That’s okay. I’m in no hurry to get the garden in yet. I want to concentrate on the greenhouse first.

I know I’m missing some adventures. I am sure they will eventually be posted. šŸ™‚

ā¤ Drisana


One response to “Where did the time go!

  1. Wow- you are busy!! Your green house is going to be sturdy and fabulous when you are done!!

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