Mother’s Day

The day before Mother’s Day(I am a mom who really just feels that is just another day) Bill and the girls got me Pretties! Petunias, herbs, Peonie, Lupine, trailing Lobelia, Alyssum and marigolds and a lovely hanging basket. ❤

On Mother’s Day from 8:30-11:30am we went to the Palling Community Pancake Breakfast which the Dads and Sons of the community cook. Bill was in charge of the sausages and bacon.

The girls and I walked home(15mins) and I got to play in my greenhouse. I got my tomatoes, hot peppers, orange bell peppers, summer savory. I left room for the basil and some other herbs to come.When Bill got home from cleaning up the hall he put up a purple shelf  he found in the garage for me to use.

I also planted the small container at the end of the driveway. White petunias and trailing Lobelia…I think I need to add more plants but not sure what yet. I can’t wait for the addition to go on to the greenhouse.

At 3:00pm, we decided to go for an afternoon lazy drive up to Maxan Lake. The girls and hadn’t been there yet. When we got there Seren thought there was someone there camping because there was smoke coming from a fire pit. There was NO one there. We walked the campsite and found no one. How stupid can people be? There are two huge fires in Canada. 1 in Fort St. John and 1 in Fort MacMurray! Why would anyone take the chance. It wasn’t a calm day and that metal ring isn’t going to keep sparks and embers from escaping. The forests here are half dead due to Pine Beetle and it is a very very dry year. *shaking my head*

Anyways before we left we made very sure this fire was out…during our walk about the campsites we saw 2 Loons fishing, a filleted trout, a clam shell and lots and lots of Beaver Trees.


All in all it was a great day and wish we had more fun days like this.More exploring our community and area to come. Learning  as we go! 😀

❤ Drisana



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