I spent most of the afternoon potting up my Hanging baskets with annual flowers, Petunias, Trailing Lobelia, and Nasturtiums. I added a Marigold to my recycled containers. My Mom-in-love works for the Village as their landscaper, which means she always has pots left from trees and plants and flowers. She gave me 6 lovely sized pots to use.

All my hanging baskets in these photos were found in the junk in the garage when we were cleaning it out. Score!! I got rid of most of my planters when we moved. 😦 Including my lovely big blue terracotta set.

My Squash plants were getting a bit big…especially my Boston Marrow plants!! So I figured it was time to plant them out. I planted one pot of each in the empty Strawberry bed that I can’t afford to fill this year. They will be happy in there. Lots of goodness to feed off of.


I definitely have “Gardener back” tonight. Ow! Lol…:D Even with the owie back, I am one happy woman…My nails are cut very short and dirt still becomes permanently stuck there. My knees ache from kneeling and my jeans and t-shirt are filthy. But inside I am giddy with being able to play in the dirt.

❤ Drisana


3 responses to “Planting

  1. Great idea! My mom gave me gigantic bag filled with plastic forks and spoons… And I don’t use plasticware! LOL- I can use them to mark the plants in my garden! Thanks for the inspirational pictures!!


  2. Oh hun everything about this makes me smile… ❤️
    I love how as I start my season of even slower living and hibernation that you are all awakening to colours and abundance.


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