I spent most of the afternoon potting up my Hanging baskets with annual flowers, Petunias, Trailing Lobelia, and Nasturtiums. I added a Marigold to my recycled containers. My Mom-in-love works for the Village as their landscaper, which means she always has pots left from trees and plants and flowers. She gave me 6 lovely sized pots to use.

All my hanging baskets in these photos were found in the junk in the garage when we were cleaning it out. Score!! I got rid of most of my planters when we moved. 😦 Including my lovely big blue terracotta set.

My Squash plants were getting a bit big…especially my Boston Marrow plants!! So I figured it was time to plant them out. I planted one pot of each in the empty Strawberry bed that I can’t afford to fill this year. They will be happy in there. Lots of goodness to feed off of.


I definitely have “Gardener back” tonight. Ow! Lol…:D Even with the owie back, I am one happy woman…My nails are cut very short and dirt still becomes permanently stuck there. My knees ache from kneeling and my jeans and t-shirt are filthy. But inside I am giddy with being able to play in the dirt.

❤ Drisana


3 responses to “Planting

  1. Oh hun everything about this makes me smile… ❤️
    I love how as I start my season of even slower living and hibernation that you are all awakening to colours and abundance.


  2. Great idea! My mom gave me gigantic bag filled with plastic forks and spoons… And I don’t use plasticware! LOL- I can use them to mark the plants in my garden! Thanks for the inspirational pictures!!


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