Innovation and Peas

The Frost tried to take my Corn and Squash plants. The thick frost cloth didn’t protect them enough. So I had to come up with a way to make little hoop houses……


Tom Thumb Corn, Boston Marrow squash, Patty pan squash, Black Beauty Zucchini and Butternut Squash


WIRE!…I had to wait and make sure Bill didn’t need it first.


Bill helped me make 4 small hoop houses for my garden beds. We still have enough wire and plastic to do a few more garden beds.


I finished making all my garden beds and started planting seeds YAY!


Milena helped my plant Peas(Homesteader, Tall Telephone and Green Arrow). I also planted Mesclun mix, lettuce mix and Romaine seeds in front of the peas. I works well to keep the ground damp. 🙂

Today I planted, with a little help from Milena, 2 types of beets, dill and Kale. I planted Nantes Carrots, Kohlrabi and radishes. I have yet to plant beans, spinach, numerous herbs and veggies.

I transplanted a Gazilllion and one basil plants into small pots and into the greenhouse beds. My Sage and Thyme plant that I bought at Honeysuckle Garden Centre got a spot in the greenhouse until I can find a good spot in the garden.

I must apologize for not posting on the blog much lately. We had a 13 hour drive one way to drop of Seren at her Dad’s last weekend. It is a draining trip but one that must happen. The bonus is we got to see our Dear Friends, Leslie and Mike and their daughters, for a day before heading back up here. We get to do the trip one more time in 2 weeks. ❤

I want to also say thank you for being here. I appreciate that you are taking your time to read my babble.

❤ Drisana


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