Asparagus and Raspberries


Today we built an Asparagus bed. It was one of the main objectives for when we had the tiller….ooops! Forgot to till a spot…so we improvised. Recycled lumber to the rescue.


12 Precoce D’Argenteuil Asparagus plants. Technically your supposed to transplant in the fall…well that may work in warmer climates, but here  won’t take the chance of losing these.


My sad Raspberry bed. I had transplanted SO many canes and seedlings from my mom-in-love and a family friend. As you can tell they are having a hard time taking. Not giving up they may shoot up yet.


Raspberry leaves.


Then there is the WILD Raspberries! Flower buds…loads of them. 😀

Dream big garden dreams and get your hands in the dirt! It’s good for the body and soul.

❤ Drisana



One response to “Asparagus and Raspberries

  1. What a lovely garden! Love the sharing, thanks.


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