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Meeting Mark Cameron

On June 27 2016 at 6:30pm I took the girls to the Burns Lake Public Library to hear a new author read from his debut book.



Mark Cameron and his masterpiece!

Mark and his wife Sheila, daughter Iris and son Simon are on a RV adventure touring BC to promote his novel ‘Goodnight Sunshine’.

When we walked in to the room He instantly said “Hey! Your the lady that held open the door for me earlier this afternoon.”

“Yes. I am” I said smiling. I had been at the library earlier to pick up Seren and he happened to be coming out as I was going in. It is something I always do. Hold open doors for people. *shrug* Habit…Seren  said”did you know that he’s an author? We bumped into eachother earlier too.Haha!”


Other than my girls and I, the head Librarian and her husband were at Mark’s book reading. It was a relaxing and intimated evening. I felt like I was just hanging out with friends. The conversation was educational and personal and not strained.

Mark spoke about what inspired the book and his time in Ecuador as a volunteer at a Biological reserve. He quipped that his mid-life crisis was a trip to Ecuador,”…much cheaper than buying a sports car.” Haha! He told of the process he went through to write his book and how the book started one way and then took on a life of it’s own. This led to a personal conversation about if any of us were writers and what we write and then suggestions of great books to help writers. Mark’s son, Simon, read part of a story he was writing, before Mark read from ‘Goodnight Sunshine’.


Simon sharing a bit of his story

Mark shared a couple of his blog posts which gave us an idea of things that inspired him and the he read us the boring chapter named chapters #6 and #25…the hidden joke was that his son, Simon, believes chapters should have good gripping names.(little jokes like this were intertwined in the evening. 🙂


Mark reading from ‘Goodnight Sunshine’

After Mark finished his reading, he took more questions. We found out that Mark and his wife, Sheila, unschool their son and daughter. So an instant connection was made…on our side anyways. I think they would have been a great family to get to know better on a personal basis.

Milena drew a picture of Mark and gave it to him at the end. She impatiently waited until the end and he noticed that she really had something to say.

Mark ended his reading with a poem he wrote called 39 days!

I bought his book and hope to be able to sneak it into my day. Maybe even do an indepth book review on ‘Goodnight Sunshine’ of my own. If you live anywhere near his last 5 stops on Vancouver Island go meet Mark.

Thank you so much to Burns Lake Public Library for bringing in amazing and interesting authors! I can’t wait for the next one…

❤ Drisana




Garden Progress

Here is my pride and joy …


We doubled the greenhouse( new portion is where the gutter ends) Things are growing well…


Potato patch…It has grown a lot more since this picture.


Aparagus bed. I added more tomatoes 2 days ago on the otherside.


Squashes and popcorn(the plants are now over the hoops)






Red and green cabbage


Two types of spinach. I harvested 3 times already off the plants closest to you.


Peas and lettuce


Pinto (closest) and Jacob’s Cattle beans


L-R: Kholrabi, and two different beets


Radishes and carrots


Stringless beans


2 types of Swiss Chard


Broom Corn


Turnips and leeks


Red and white onions


2 types of Kale and 2 types of Dill


Sorrel and perrenial green onions

I hope you enjoyed my garden tour. Updates soon as the garden is growing like crazy!

I am also fighting a battle with Flea Beetle. Got to love the challenges of a first years garden.

❤ Drisana

Father’s Day Adventure

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.

For Father’s Day the girls asked Bill to take them fishing. Of course he was happy to go. Now I’ve never fished in my life. Neither has Milena. Seren had with Grandpa H.

We went to Fish Lake which is only about a 20-25minute drive from our house.


Lovely metal sign


Checking out the water and if there were any fish jumping.


Getting the rods ready to catch some fish.


Seren was totally grossed out and couldn’t watch Bill put the worm on the hook.


Milena was completely enthralled with the waterlilies


Enter a caption


We be fishin’


Almost had that good sized fish…damn!


My little catch…a rainbow trout.



I learned to cast and catch a fish all in 3hrs. Can’t wait to go again. I can see how people can easily get addicted to fishing. Not the catching the fish. The flow of the arm, the click , ploosh and the low whir of the reel as you start bringing in the line. The mellow and methodic lapping of the water. The cries of an Eagle and songs of the songbirds. The excitement of seeing a fish leap a good foot out of the water and slap back into the depths. A sort of tease…”Haha! You can’t get me!”

I was the only one to catch a fish this time. A small Rainbow trout that we released right away. Poor Bill…he almost had that tease of a fish. We will be back Mr.Fishy!

It was a great day. No one complained of being bored…well not as much.

I think Mr.Bill is happy with his day.

❤ Drisana

Painted Lady Butterflies

After a few delays…..


Thank you to my FB friend, Elina, for helping me do this. ❤

6 Beautiful Chrysalides! We unfortunately missed the caterpillar stage because of the delays. They are here now and we can watch and impatiently wait for the butterflies to emerge.


We have a special delivery!


Now to throw together a netted caged…

The company has a set of instructions for making a netted hanging cage. I didn’t have the necessary materials. I decided that the mesh waste basket and a piece of a sheer curtain stretched over my big pink embroidery hoop would work.


Post was not very gentle or followed the THIS SIDE UP on the package. One Chrysalis got knocked off the paper.

The orange/yellow stuff on the bottom of the container is what they fed on as caterpillars. It is a mixture of wheat and soy and added vitamins and minerals. Can you see the webbing on the right hand side of the container? There are black bit of what was once skin they shed.


Attaching the paper to the netting.


The Chrysalides are hanging.(camera wouldn’t focus properly)

We decided to pin the paper to the netting so that they stayed in their natural way. The one Chrysalis that was knocked of the paper is well secured to the webbing.


Chrysalis(with flash to see how shiny they are) the spikes are a beautiful gold.


Two sides of the Chrysalides…


I’m not sure if this is the shed skin of a Caterpillar or if this fellow died before it could become a Chrysalis, as we didn’t see the transformation. Still absolutely cool!


This is our makeshift Netted cage.

I sure hope this cage will work.

We have to mist the Chrysalides everyday until they turn dark. Then they lose their waterproof protection.

Once the butterflies emerge we will tuck the netting into the cage so that when we go to feed them they won’t fly out into the house. I may move the emerged butterflies, in their cage, out to the greenhouse. They can’t be released when it is below 16*c out or raining. If we release them in the greenhouse( I will leave the door open)they will be warm and dry. Then when they know the time is right they can fly away.

I will update as we go…

❤ Drisana


June 25th 2016 – Release Date

With in 4 days all the Painted Lady Butterflies emerged from their Chrysalid stage. What an exciting project. Next year we will do this again for sure. We released them in  the greenhouse first as it had just been sprinkling and we were instructed not to release when below 6*c or raining and to watch for birds.

At first the butterflies didn’t want to fly out of their cage. Then they didn’t want to leave our hands.

We took them out or the greenhouse and the first 4 butterflies happily flew away over the property. 2 hung out with Milena and Seren. Even Bill got into the fun!

Over the afternoon we saw one butterfly hangout in my strawberry bed and one on the Lodgepole Pine by my garden.

This morning I was greeted by one of our painted ladies dancing over the lawn and one back in my strawberry patch.

This project was such a hit.<3

❤ Drisana


Greenhouse is growing

Bill finally had sometime and the finally all the materials to get the addition to the greenhouse started. YAY!


Cutting the lumber and putting the jigsaw together. He is my own personal carpenter/builder. ❤


Wall panel #1 done and waiting

While Bill got the wall panels built and the roof rafter done I cleaned up my crazy mess. Then because our land is on a slow angle down to the house we had to lift and level and lift and level until the walls were even with the first greenhouse.


Wall #1 up. A lot of lift and leveling. 😀


Walls up and roof rafters going up…Yes I did help. I took photos when I could. 😛


Looking good!



I had to go pick up Seren from her job so I did get photos of the front (door) going up. Plenty of time as we still have to get the plastic on and the corrugated panels up on the roof yet. Next year we plan on putting the walls in Corrugated paneling too. It will last longer in our cold climate than the 6mil Vapour barrier. First to save up.

Bill will build the beds too but I won’t plant in them this year. I’ll use the area for my potted extras and storage for my potting stuff for now.

❤ Drisana