Greenhouse is growing

Bill finally had sometime and the finally all the materials to get the addition to the greenhouse started. YAY!


Cutting the lumber and putting the jigsaw together. He is my own personal carpenter/builder. ❤


Wall panel #1 done and waiting

While Bill got the wall panels built and the roof rafter done I cleaned up my crazy mess. Then because our land is on a slow angle down to the house we had to lift and level and lift and level until the walls were even with the first greenhouse.


Wall #1 up. A lot of lift and leveling. 😀


Walls up and roof rafters going up…Yes I did help. I took photos when I could. 😛


Looking good!



I had to go pick up Seren from her job so I did get photos of the front (door) going up. Plenty of time as we still have to get the plastic on and the corrugated panels up on the roof yet. Next year we plan on putting the walls in Corrugated paneling too. It will last longer in our cold climate than the 6mil Vapour barrier. First to save up.

Bill will build the beds too but I won’t plant in them this year. I’ll use the area for my potted extras and storage for my potting stuff for now.

❤ Drisana


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