Painted Lady Butterflies

After a few delays…..


Thank you to my FB friend, Elina, for helping me do this. ❤

6 Beautiful Chrysalides! We unfortunately missed the caterpillar stage because of the delays. They are here now and we can watch and impatiently wait for the butterflies to emerge.


We have a special delivery!


Now to throw together a netted caged…

The company has a set of instructions for making a netted hanging cage. I didn’t have the necessary materials. I decided that the mesh waste basket and a piece of a sheer curtain stretched over my big pink embroidery hoop would work.


Post was not very gentle or followed the THIS SIDE UP on the package. One Chrysalis got knocked off the paper.

The orange/yellow stuff on the bottom of the container is what they fed on as caterpillars. It is a mixture of wheat and soy and added vitamins and minerals. Can you see the webbing on the right hand side of the container? There are black bit of what was once skin they shed.


Attaching the paper to the netting.


The Chrysalides are hanging.(camera wouldn’t focus properly)

We decided to pin the paper to the netting so that they stayed in their natural way. The one Chrysalis that was knocked of the paper is well secured to the webbing.


Chrysalis(with flash to see how shiny they are) the spikes are a beautiful gold.


Two sides of the Chrysalides…


I’m not sure if this is the shed skin of a Caterpillar or if this fellow died before it could become a Chrysalis, as we didn’t see the transformation. Still absolutely cool!


This is our makeshift Netted cage.

I sure hope this cage will work.

We have to mist the Chrysalides everyday until they turn dark. Then they lose their waterproof protection.

Once the butterflies emerge we will tuck the netting into the cage so that when we go to feed them they won’t fly out into the house. I may move the emerged butterflies, in their cage, out to the greenhouse. They can’t be released when it is below 16*c out or raining. If we release them in the greenhouse( I will leave the door open)they will be warm and dry. Then when they know the time is right they can fly away.

I will update as we go…

❤ Drisana


June 25th 2016 – Release Date

With in 4 days all the Painted Lady Butterflies emerged from their Chrysalid stage. What an exciting project. Next year we will do this again for sure. We released them in  the greenhouse first as it had just been sprinkling and we were instructed not to release when below 6*c or raining and to watch for birds.

At first the butterflies didn’t want to fly out of their cage. Then they didn’t want to leave our hands.

We took them out or the greenhouse and the first 4 butterflies happily flew away over the property. 2 hung out with Milena and Seren. Even Bill got into the fun!

Over the afternoon we saw one butterfly hangout in my strawberry bed and one on the Lodgepole Pine by my garden.

This morning I was greeted by one of our painted ladies dancing over the lawn and one back in my strawberry patch.

This project was such a hit.<3

❤ Drisana



2 responses to “Painted Lady Butterflies

  1. how amazing is this.. not only do you get to witness this but also the fact that it can be mailed and sent to you.!! such a magickal thing.


  2. Wonderful! I loved to watch Monarch butterflies emerge from their beautiful green with gold markings chrysalis. So magical!

    Liked by 1 person

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