Father’s Day Adventure

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.

For Father’s Day the girls asked Bill to take them fishing. Of course he was happy to go. Now I’ve never fished in my life. Neither has Milena. Seren had with Grandpa H.

We went to Fish Lake which is only about a 20-25minute drive from our house.


Lovely metal sign


Checking out the water and if there were any fish jumping.


Getting the rods ready to catch some fish.


Seren was totally grossed out and couldn’t watch Bill put the worm on the hook.


Milena was completely enthralled with the waterlilies


Enter a caption


We be fishin’


Almost had that good sized fish…damn!


My little catch…a rainbow trout.



I learned to cast and catch a fish all in 3hrs. Can’t wait to go again. I can see how people can easily get addicted to fishing. Not the catching the fish. The flow of the arm, the click , ploosh and the low whir of the reel as you start bringing in the line. The mellow and methodic lapping of the water. The cries of an Eagle and songs of the songbirds. The excitement of seeing a fish leap a good foot out of the water and slap back into the depths. A sort of tease…”Haha! You can’t get me!”

I was the only one to catch a fish this time. A small Rainbow trout that we released right away. Poor Bill…he almost had that tease of a fish. We will be back Mr.Fishy!

It was a great day. No one complained of being bored…well not as much.

I think Mr.Bill is happy with his day.

❤ Drisana


One response to “Father’s Day Adventure

  1. Season'd Mama

    how lovely – my boys love to fish!! and such a beautiful scene to fish to too!! happy fathers day xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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