Clover Honey….

So I had this wonderful idea as I sat by a patch of delicious smelling white clover having an afternoon coffee.

I searched the yard looking for the sweet smell of honey. Duh! Clover that was right beside me. The heat was sending up the most delicious smell. My brain being in the canning mode and foraging mindset said “HEY! Make some honey! It can’t be that hard.”

Soooo…I set the girls to work collecting the best clover heads.



The girls gave up trying to find enough clover flowers to fill the basket. So I took over and went wandering allover the property. Tada!


Yumminess in a basket.


I made clover tea…which I let steep overnight. I wanted to extract all the flavour I could.

*BIG NOTE: Make sure to strain you tea really really really well. I mean through the finest cloth you can find. There are teeny tiny little black bugs that hide in the flowers that you can not just shake or wash out.


Tea strained really well. I actually put it through a cloth tea bag and then the metal strainer.


Add lots of sugar.


Difference in the colour of the tea to the honey!




Liquid gold to pick us up out of the winter dulldrums

OH MY! I can’t even begin to describe how yummy this is. Clover Honey is a new family favourite. I may make another batch before the clover all dies. I don’t think the 9 jars will last. HAHA!

Never be afraid to try something new…

❤ D


One response to “Clover Honey….

  1. oh my… oh me… oh my…………. gold!!!


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