Playing with Apricots and Cherries

So my Mom-in-love comes up to me while the girls and I are waiting for Seren’s shift at the Burns Lake Public Library with two boxes…one of Apricots and one of Bing Cherries.


So…in the next two days we eat some of each and then the rest I get to work on…

First up:


Apricots on the boil down



Crappy photo….Fresh Apricot Jam



Bing Cherries and Apricots make…


Very very yummy Jam.


Especially on homemade buns from the Neighbor!

After this I still had cherries left and wasn’t sure what I would make. We aren’t big on canned cherries…Blech! Too many in our past. What other way could one use cherries?

So as I pitted the cherries, struggling with what to make, Seren noticed how red with juice they were. She had just been reading a thriller novel so you know where her brain was…

“Mom you look you just murdered something.”

My quick response was whispered,”Just…cherries….” Well that cracked us up and I decided I would make…*whispered* Just Cherry Jam….Muhahha!

My cold room is getting jam packed with summer goodness for the winter. Stay tuned I have a lot of catching you up to do….sorry. 😉

❤ D


One response to “Playing with Apricots and Cherries

  1. oh my… delicious!!


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