Seren 14 and Milena 8 playing with Bill’s Childhood Tonka Toys


They made many roads in my garden beds today. 🙂

This what makes my heart sing. ❤

My 14 year old is still interested in play!!

She play with Littlest Pet Shops(LPS), Monster High Dolls, Barbies, Farm Animals, Dinsaurs…she has a great imagination. They play Elves and wolves in the bush around the house. Sure her play includes a lot of teenage circumstances. Boyfriends, sex, parties, popularity…the whole kit and kaboodle. It is never overboard and usually consists of facts regurgitated from Our Bodies Ourselves or The Care and Keeping of You. I love it! I love to secretly listen to her and her 8 year old sister play together. The ideas of how and what to play and how to say things is…wonderful….refreshing.

I think this is why we have such a hard time making friends. My girls are still into play. I don’t know how to explain it. SO many kids their ages are into technology and adult things. My girls are in no hurry to grow up and I love that. I want them to enjoy their time as children. Technology is very limited and neither has a phone or gadget. They also don’t ask for it. They have actually found it quite annoying that kids are too busy with their noses in a gadget and missing the beauty around them or to play. Actually Play…running and laughing.

I know they have to grow up and they do have many responsibilities that are grown up. BUT…I require them to go outside and play. Explore. Use their imaginations.

Seeing this has helped me acknowledge that we, Bill and I, are doing something right.


❤ D


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