Poems & Songs

Tonight the Burns Lake Public Library had Robert “Bob” Hamblin a poet from Houston, BC come to recite his poems and songs. His style reminds me of “Cowboy Poerty” simple yet deep and heartfelt.

I love meeting Authors and Poets from our surrounding area. I love learning about the history of an area through the stories of our Elders. Bob has lived in the Houston area since 1955. I believe Houston is about half and hour from us. He has a tremor in both hands that are only noticeable when he is turning pages. He has the kindest eyes and a genuine grandfather smile. He talked to each of the girls, shook their hands and made them feel welcomed.


It is the first time Milena actually sat through a reading without me having to “shush” her numerous times. She sat drawing and listening quietly. Seren was enthralled. Neither girls have been to a poetry reading. I was worried they’d be bored. I am glad I was wrong. I hope this inspires them.

Bob told a story behind each of the poems he recited and songs he sang. These are a few that he shared with the 8 of us:

  • CN Corridor
  • Hello Operator
  • The Bobs
  • Brother Doug
  • Camping at Francios
  • Memories of a Loved One
  • Avalanche
  • Highway of Tears
  • Old Dave Fishing

He spoke of his Brother Doug. The death of so many Moose on the CN railroad. The anguish of all the Women/girls who have gone missing on the Highway of Tears. The Bobs is about a group of guys who got stuck in a snowstorm in 2008 when 4feet of snow fell in 33hrs. Avalanche speaks of 3 young men killed in a Ski-doo accident.

All his writings are from the past and stories that inspired him to write.



I can’t wait for him to come back to Burns Lake to read from his next book…which he says is halfway written. I will definitely enjoy reading his poetry.

Great Job Bob!

❤ D


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