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Around the farm

The snow has melted on our “farm” for now. It is +4c and rainy with intermittent sunshine. The snow will return shortly. So yesterday I spent an hour outside wandering around taking photos….






Winter Savory


A Deer had a midnight snack of Swiss Chard.


Someone lost their lunch. Hidden 5 feet in a Pine Tree.


Orange-foot Clandonia Lichen


Cottontail Coral Lichen


Lichen mix


…more Lichen


Poplar…trying to catch the different colours in the wood


Our pasture. It looks smaller than it is…and neighbors house. 🙂


1st house on this property.


Late Blooming Viola


Tarragon is still blooming.


My larch tree is losing her needles


Larch needles


Wild Gooseberry

❤ D


Kager Lake trail

…on to Kager Lake….

This is a hugely popular area during the summer. All the trails above the YOU ARE HERE dot are Mountain Biking Trails. There is a huge cycling competition held in August.

It was a very quiet walk for us. One met one lady and her dog and a young couple walking too.


Kager Lake and the trails


Watch for attack trees…Actually there are many Pine Beetle kill trees that are liable to fall down at anytime.


There are many hand built bridges on low lying areas.




A curiousity???


A fairie house!


Many trees were hugged. Any trees marked with a red tag(see very top of the tree)got a big hug! 🙂


There were seats cut into tree stumps along the trail. We all loved the recliner.


more of Mother Earth’s garden.


Milena’s favourite tree


I noticed a yellow tag….Hmm? Yellow tagged trees aren’t usually a good thing.


How Freakin’ cool is that? ❤ ❤ ❤


Some of Kager Lake


Kager Lake


Fun shelf mushrooms


Look at the little babies growing. I am in love with this stump.


We walked off the main trail onto a lookout trail…we couldn’t go far. Milena was in awe of this mossy mountain.


Beat you to the end of the trail!


Kager lake from the little boat dock.


Kager Lake…


Back to the truck we go….

We drove 20 minutes home and I put frozen pizzas in the oven and voila supper was served! haha!

It was a great Thanksgiving! I hope this is our yearly tradition.

❤ D



Loch Lomond Walk

On Canadian Thanksgiving…October 10th 2016. We decided to forgo the traditional dinner and hanging around. Instead we decided to go check out a few hiking trails.

First stop was the Loch Lomond trail….


Loch Lomond trail.


There she is…Loch Lomond


Being sassy


Milena’s Monster tree


Loch Lomond…looking to the right.


Loch Lomond…looking to the left.


Oooo…there is water in the marsh grass!


“Knock knock! Anyone home?”


Empty Woodpecker home


Neat old tree stump


Wee Duckies!


The hill to the parking lot.


Ant hill!

After we walked the Loch Lomond walk we headed to the next trail…..See next blog post. 🙂

❤ D

You Can Be Strong

Bonjour, mes amis!

It has been a long time since I last wrote. Thing is we’ve been very busy with school and work. I was working at our public library all summer and didn’t have time to do much else. As Mom has probably said we homeschool. I love homeschoolling!! 🙂

Now onto the books! I have two books to share today. One is one I got from BC Interlibrary connect, as you can see from the picture. Haha!

First up:  I AM PRINCESS X  by Cherie Priest.


The two girls, Libby and May, come from tow different locks of life. Libby’s mom is from Japan and she’s a Model. May lives in a tiny apartment and has a Georgia accent.

One day, when Libby had a broken leg and May had a doctor’s note, the teacher exiled the two girls, who knew nothing of each other, to the little kids playground.

The two find sidewalk chalk and Libby asks the younger kids if they’d like to watch her draw. The younger kids are leery at first but soon are yelling out things for her to draw. A horse, a dog, a boat…then a haunted house. Then a person who live in the house. A princess. Libby draws a girl who wears a puffy sleeved pink dress, a gold crown and red chucks. She gives her a Katana sword and Princess X is born.

A couple years later Libby’s mom is driving them home one night, when the car careeens off the bridge and into the water. Everyone presumes Libby died, and Princess X died with her.

May is now sixteen. Alone and sad when she see’s a sticker in a window. The sticker is a drawing of a girl in a girl in a puffy pink dress, a gold crown, red chucks and a Katana sword….soon May see’s Princess X everywhere and finds a website There are strange connections to the webcomic and Libby’s death and only one person could have made them…..Libby, who lives.

I AM PRINCESS X is a great book with parts of the webcomic inside, so you can follow and find clues along with May. If you like mysteries…you’ll like I AM PRINCESS X!

Onto the next book!

This one is more of a book of short stories. It is called Not One Damsel in Distress: World Folktales for Strong Girls  by Jane Yolen and illustrations by Susan Guevara.

Long ago and sometimes even now, the only heroes you hear about are normally male. How sexist right?! We’ve all heard about(or most of us)the Twelve Tasks of Hercules and others. What about the girls?!

This book is filled with stories of strong willed girls. They are from Greece, USA, Argentina,Japan, Poland, Romania and Scotland….sorry no Canadians…maybe soon! It’s great for boosting up our self-esteem as well as teaching younger girls and teens, like me, that we don’t have to be weak and play “the damsel in distress”. We don’t need a man to “save” us or need a man to always be there.

Examples of the tales are:

  • Atalanta the Huntress(Greece)
  • Brave Woman Counts Coup(USA-White River Sioux)
  • The Pirate Princess(Poland-Jewish)
  • Burd Janet(Scotland)


I hope you have a lot of fun reading and I will try to get another book review written soon!

Au revior mes amis!

Yours most Book Dragonly,

Seren ❤

Mom note: In the back of Not One Damsel in Distress: World folktales for Strong Girls there is a “Note on the Stories” section where Jane Yolen explains more of where she found the Folktales.

Here are a few books she mentions:

  • Woman Warriors: A History by David E. Jones
  • West African Folktales by Steven H. Gale
  • The King of the Mountains: A Treasury of Latin American Folk Stories by Moritz A. Jagendorf
  • The Maid of the North: Feminist Folk Tales from Around the World by Ethel Johnston Phelps.

Seren and I hope you are enjoying the book reviews we have been writing!

❤ D