Haunting Hallows Eve!

(My bad for not typing this out before Halloween…)

Hello my spooktacular pals! Hallows Eve is as you know, approaching fast! 5 more days from now…

I have braved the horrifying stories and books such as The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy and Long Lankin by Lindsay Barradough to the The Well’s End by Seth Fishman, to bring you , not one but two horrific Hallows Eve books.

Lets get the first and most horrifying book I read over first. (fyi: it has demonic dolls and I hate demonic dolls)


Project 17 by Laurie Faria Stolarz is a great a book if you love to be creeped out. Told by six different peoples point of view, you get several views of the story.

There’s Derik, film-maker wanna-be. Liza, a girl with many problems she wishes she could solve. Mimi, goth girl extreme. Greta, the popular wanna-be movie star. Tony, he’s the guy version of Greta and Chet, the tough guy with a need to get away from home.

So when Derik goes around asking if anyone would help him with a film he’s going to make at the run-down Danvers State Hospital. The Hospital was built in 1878 and closed in 1992, was a mental institution and rumoured to be the birthplace of the Lobotomy. Liza, Mimi, Greta, Tony and Chet agree to go.

Its the Eve of the hospitals demolition and the six made their move and break in. But all the good and fun quickly turns into a horrible nightmare as they unravel the secret lives of those who lived in the dark rooms and walked down the hallways…and the spirit of those who still so.

I would not advise anyone under 10 years,(even13!) to read this book. It was scary and not for anyone too young.


Next is Zombie Elementary by Howard Whitehouse. Its not so much creepy, but funny.

10 1/2 year old Larry Mullet was at the school one day(totally normal right?)when he bumps into Alex Bates and he doesn’t look….right. He shambled and says “Naaarrrrggghhh” and “Brrrraaaaiiinnnnssss”. Now Larry has to join ranks with his friends and kick some serious Zombie butt before there turn everyone in Acorn Falls into the undead!

This one isn’t really gruesome so younger kids could read it, but it’s all up to you parents right?

Happy Hallows Eve! (which has already gone by…sorry…D)

Yours most spooktaculary,







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