Yule and Christmas


Yule Advent


Looking the mountain to Decker Lake


Found our Yule and Christmas tree


All set up and decorated.




Our Yule craft. Pinecone feeders for our wild bird friends.


Pine cone feeders all ready to be hung in the trees.


Chickadee enjoying the feeders


Yule candle burning brightly for the day in our dinning room window.

Yule is a quiet celebration for us. I am the Practicing Pagan in our household. We were supposed to go to a bonfire at a local farm, but the weather did not work with us. It snowed heavy that night and the roads were not safe to be on.

In the morning I gave the girls a handmade cowl each and a pair of mitts(store bought) and a new Canadian Christmas Carol book and a couple movies.

Christmas was a bit more of a lively celebration as per usual…


Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve



Christmas dinner was done on Christmas Eve so I can enjoy Christmas Day without having to be in the kitchen. Bill’s Mom came over for a breakfast of waffles, whipped cream and fresh strawberries on Christmas Day. After breakfast we opened gifts and relaxed for awhile. I put out all the leftovers, snacks and desserts on the table and we ate until we were stuffed. Relaxed some more…around 3 the girls put on their cross country skis and slid around the yard, while Bill, his mom and I went for a walk in the sun and cold…

Our day ended with snacking and Christmas movies.

Boxing day was Bill’s family’s dinner. It was the first one with out my father-in-love. It was quiet and subdued. Way different from the norm….to be expected.

I hope you all had a great Holiday Season.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017…I hope it is a happy and prosperous one for you all.




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