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Fire and snow

In the fall we had cut down a large amount of Poplar trees that were taking over the yard. Most of the wood went into our woodshed to season for the 2017 or 2018 winter heating. The rest of the limbs and broken pieces that are not good for burning in our furnace got put into a large pile and tarped for the winter. We figured once there was enough snow on the ground and cabin fever had set in we would wait for beautiful sunny day and then light the sucker. 😊

Today was the perfect day! 

The day started out at -17c and cloudy. By 10am it reached -2c and sunshine in the strong blue sky. β˜‰

We all bundled up and set out to light our bonfire. First task was removing the tarp. The weight of the snow and ice had compressed the 6ft high brush pile into a 3ft one. It also meant the tarp had frozen to the ground. Thankfully it was an old holey tarp, which meant cutting it down the middle and peeling it open didn’t make us feel too bad. Milena helped crush and dig the snow away from the edges for us. 

Once we finally got the tarp pulled away and the fire lit. The relaxing began. Out came the battered and broken camping chairs. 

Milena brought out her Dad’s Tonka toys(circa 1978’ish) and had a blast. Seren sat and wrote in her journal and read a book called “Ghost Soldiers” all under the protective and watchful eyes of Mr.Odin. 

We pruned dead Poplar branches and started clean up behind our woodshed. Ugh! So much fucking junk. Excuse the language, but after the amount of junk we have cleaned up on this property in the past 2yrs I am so tired of it. I lost count of the amount of trips to the dump. It makes me so sad and a tad twitchy.😜 Anyways, as I was saying…we started cleaning the old shed up. There is rotting lumber, garbage, old rotting engine parts and other …stuff. Bill removed the lumber and we threw it on the fire. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯AhhhhπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

By 2:30pm most of the fire was roaring nicely and it was +4c out. Gorgeous and warm. It made me crave Spring, but I am okay if it snows again. It means that we can have another smaller fire without worrying about sparks.

At 4pm we cooked hotdogs on the BBQ. Our roasting sticks were kind of frozen into the ground at the garden fire pit. Oops. πŸ˜† That’s okay. We BBQ’d the hotdogs and ate them around the fire. Mmm…

We watched the sun sink slowly into the horizon before calling it a day and heading inside. 

It was a beautiful day of memories made and my heart full.πŸ’™πŸ’š I sent New Moon intentions up with the flames, shrouded in sweet smelling smoke and ash floating in the air currents. β˜„

I will leave you now with one last photo…Happy New Moon blessing to you all.πŸŒ‘πŸŒš



Frosty Sparkles❄

The Red Fox was busy following the Snowshoe Hares we have on our property. They have tons of trails all around our home. 😊 I love the fact that we do have wildlife here, even when we don’t get to actually see them.

The Snowshoe Hares huddle in the willow grove between our house and the old cabin. It drives Odin nuts at night when they are most active and he can only hear and smell them. Haha! 

The snow and frost sparkled on all the trees and dead foliage that happened to be above the protection of the snow. I sometimes wish I was able to capture the sparkle. Secretly I like having the sparkle moments all to myself. 



Mmmmm….popcorn. Such a good snack to kill a chip craving. The only thing I can’t stand is the husks getting stuck in between my gums and teeth! Grrr….

Last summer I grew Tom Thumb popcorn in my garden. I was told that I would never be able to grow corn here. No one has ever and that meant I shouldn’t be able to either. Challenge accepted!

Well, now if you choose the proper seeds and place you may have luck. I dislike being told I can’t grow something.

I chose Tom Thumb Popcorn from Heritage Harvest Seed in Manitoba. It is a short season popcorn. It grew wonderfully in my garden. I started them indoors until they were big enough to go out into the unheated greenhouse. I start hardening off when the temperature stay at +10c outside. Then transplant when I shove my hand into the soil up to my wrist and I don’t freeze. 

The plants themselves only grow to 2-3feet tall, which is great for small spaces. The cobs get to 3inches long when ready to harvest. 

I husked them and left them it dry out in my big open-weave basket for a couple months. Making sure I turned them every couple days so they didn’t rot. I did have a couple cobs rotπŸ˜• because I wasn’t paying enough attention. Things happen. Once the kernels were completely dry I had to take the kernels off the cob. Ugh…that was interesting. I used another dried cob to rub the kernels off. It worked to a point. Some kernels were super stubborn. I had to use my thumbs…there are little spiky tips on the kernels…they ripped up my skin pretty good. The satisfaction of having grown my own popcorn made it all worth the skin loss. Lol!

I popped a cup of the Tom Thumb Popcorn and a cup of storebought popcorn. In the photo above is the size difference of the popped kernels. The top kernel is the storebought popcorn. The Tom Thumb Popcorn is definitely smaller. We added some butter and a bit of salt. So good. 🌽I didn’t find they popped well in the airpopper. Next time I will do it in my stoptop popcorn maker and update this blog post to let you all now how it goes.😊

This year I will be planting double the amount. 🌽🌽I want have enough to enjoy over the winter and seed for the next growing season. 😊



On Monday we went to town for groceries. Thankfully the store had only just recieved their delivery. There was a huge snow storm in Vancouver and the main route, Hwy 1, was closed for 3days and it is affecting the “fresh” produce in all the northern stores in this province. It is a great reminder to me to stay prepared and stocked up. 

Anyways, I bought 3 containers of Strawberries. 1 to eat and 2 to cut up and freeze. I sure hope my strawberry plants produce this year, because I hate buying imported fruit. 

I wash, remove the leafy tops, slice in half and then place on a cookie sheet.

The cut up strawberries go into the small freezer downstairs to freeze before I put them into freezer bags. These Strawberries will eventually be used in Bill’s work smoothies and made into sauce for cheesecake squares or whatever I feel inspired to make. 

Strawberries can stay in the freezer for 12months. I have used older ones. If they get freezer burned then they go to the chick-a-ladies as a treat. Mmmmm…mmm.😊

Have a great day!


New closet

Our youngest daughter’s room is 8×11.5 feet and always feels so squashed.

I love the old wardrobe, but was just too big for her room. So, Bill drew up a schematic for a closet and shelves. I took him yesterday afternoon to build and install it in Milena’s room.

As you tell she has welcomed it well. Lol! Now to organize the shelves.

When we can afford to, we will remove the old paneling and put up gyprock. We will also make a new hatch for access to the bathtub pipes. You can see the out of place plywood at the bottom left corner of the closet.

So many little projects to do…😊


****UPDATE ****

We have cleaned and organized Milena’s New Closet and Bookshelf! I feel so much better in her tiny room. Yay!


Mmmmm…my Amaryllis!

My youngest sister gave my an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas that was supposed to end up white with red edges. Hmmm…nope. No white except one little stripe down the middle of the petal. So far only one flower spike has bloomed. The second flower spike is slowly growing along with a leaf!

I can’t wait for the next set of blooms and greenery. 🌺🌱


Quiet struggle

I have been very unmotivated to write as of late. The weather has been beautiful and sunny but so cold. -30c with a windchill that freezes your nostril hairs into daggers. It doesn’t make any of us want to go outside to explore or cross country skiing.

School just seems to be slithering along amd ugh…on bothsides. We are all feeling snarly, growly, cabin feverish and ready for winter to be OVER!!! The sun is not helping. Nope…it is just a nasty tease.😳

I have personally been struggling with severe loneliness, depression, pain and changes that only a woman can understand. I have hit that perimenopausal time of life. Oh summery joy…I feel too young for this crap. It is making me feel super shitty. Which doesn’t help with the depression and feelings of isolation/loneliness.To combat my new situation I poured my thoughts and emotions of the passed few days into relearning and pushing my crochet abilities.

I made Milena a scarf with the yarn she recieved from her Aunty Chani and 3 motif blocks I taught myself.

…and I am in the process of producing a circular blanket. I borrowed my mom-in-love’s pattern. This just about put me over the edge. 😜 It took me 5 tries to finally get it finally right. I’d thought I had finally got it amd was cruising along then realized “nope!” And had to pul apart 100yrds of yarn out and start again… Too many points, not enough….Argggg! Then last night I finally got the stitches right and I have NO freaking idea how!!πŸ€” lol

Right now I really should be doing household stuff and checking on the girls…but I really don’t want to do anything. I am feeling like a super procrastinator and as slow as a sloth. Dum…pty…dump…ty…dump…

I can’t wait to be able to start seeds and get my hands in the dirt. But there is still 3 months of winter here. June 4th is our last frost date. Holy hannah. That seems SO far away. I will start making a seed inventory and get myself organized. I have started teaching the girls about the art of gardening. I will have to write a post on that in the future.

Okay, I will go now. Lol

Here’s to keeping my sanity and hope you are keeping yours. 😊