Quiet struggle

I have been very unmotivated to write as of late. The weather has been beautiful and sunny but so cold. -30c with a windchill that freezes your nostril hairs into daggers. It doesn’t make any of us want to go outside to explore or cross country skiing.

School just seems to be slithering along amd ugh…on bothsides. We are all feeling snarly, growly, cabin feverish and ready for winter to be OVER!!! The sun is not helping. Nope…it is just a nasty tease.😳

I have personally been struggling with severe loneliness, depression, pain and changes that only a woman can understand. I have hit that perimenopausal time of life. Oh summery joy…I feel too young for this crap. It is making me feel super shitty. Which doesn’t help with the depression and feelings of isolation/loneliness.To combat my new situation I poured my thoughts and emotions of the passed few days into relearning and pushing my crochet abilities.

I made Milena a scarf with the yarn she recieved from her Aunty Chani and 3 motif blocks I taught myself.

…and I am in the process of producing a circular blanket. I borrowed my mom-in-love’s pattern. This just about put me over the edge. 😜 It took me 5 tries to finally get it finally right. I’d thought I had finally got it amd was cruising along then realized “nope!” And had to pul apart 100yrds of yarn out and start again… Too many points, not enough….Argggg! Then last night I finally got the stitches right and I have NO freaking idea how!!πŸ€” lol

Right now I really should be doing household stuff and checking on the girls…but I really don’t want to do anything. I am feeling like a super procrastinator and as slow as a sloth. Dum…pty…dump…ty…dump…

I can’t wait to be able to start seeds and get my hands in the dirt. But there is still 3 months of winter here. June 4th is our last frost date. Holy hannah. That seems SO far away. I will start making a seed inventory and get myself organized. I have started teaching the girls about the art of gardening. I will have to write a post on that in the future.

Okay, I will go now. Lol

Here’s to keeping my sanity and hope you are keeping yours. 😊



2 responses to “Quiet struggle

  1. Very nice crocheting! I think some of our best creative growth can come from the most depressing of times…I’ve been feeling rather grumbly and sloth-like myself lately, with Winter, and cabin fever and other things! Keep sharing, and creating, and hoping for some warmer days (((hugs)))❀


  2. I can relate on many levels. Even the pre-menopause business. X( Winter is beautiful but the lack of sunshine and hours of added darkness can be very problematic for some of us. Spring is going to be here before you know it. We have had maybe two Sunny days in the past two months, okay…maybe an exaggeration but it sure seems like it. Grey day, after grey day. It was actually pouring rain last night. Snow, rain and ice aren’t a good combination. I salted the walkway some when I got home from work.

    I hope that your Winter Blues subside and the sun smiles on your pretty face again giving you strength and joy. Blessings, Simone


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