On Monday we went to town for groceries. Thankfully the store had only just recieved their delivery. There was a huge snow storm in Vancouver and the main route, Hwy 1, was closed for 3days and it is affecting the “fresh” produce in all the northern stores in this province. It is a great reminder to me to stay prepared and stocked up. 

Anyways, I bought 3 containers of Strawberries. 1 to eat and 2 to cut up and freeze. I sure hope my strawberry plants produce this year, because I hate buying imported fruit. 

I wash, remove the leafy tops, slice in half and then place on a cookie sheet.

The cut up strawberries go into the small freezer downstairs to freeze before I put them into freezer bags. These Strawberries will eventually be used in Bill’s work smoothies and made into sauce for cheesecake squares or whatever I feel inspired to make. 

Strawberries can stay in the freezer for 12months. I have used older ones. If they get freezer burned then they go to the chick-a-ladies as a treat. Mmmmm…mmm.😊

Have a great day!



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